Our Team of Professional Home Organizers

Our Liberators here at Major Organizers are passionate about creating residential and home office organizing solutions for busy families. Each person on the organizing team was born to organize. Although we love having nice and neat homes, none of the Liberators suffer from OCD. They lead normal lives and their households get messy just like everyone else. The secret weapon to creating and maintaining their peaceful households is called the Major Mom Method. Our methodology is an organized approach to organizing and it has been used to restore order to over 2000 households since 2006. The Liberators were not only blessed with the gift of organizing at birth, but they are passionate about helping others conquer clutter, chaos and disorganization. We understand that hiring us requires trust and confidence in our abilities. That is why each of the Liberators goes through a 7-step hiring process which includes background checks, in-home interviews, competency and culture fit determination and three personality tests (Cognitive Left Brain/Right Brain, Enneagram and Five Elements). We designed these 7-steps to help determine their natural competencies and if they will be a good fit for the Major Organizers brand and culture. We use the personality tests to help point out the areas that need growth and their areas of strength.

Each of the Liberators has attended our intensive Major Mom Academy. The Academy consists of 36 hours of Classroom Training with a Certified Professional Organizer and up to 48 hours of Hands-On Training. But the training doesn’t end there! Each of the Liberators then undergoes a 3-6 month apprenticeship.

This is all done to ensure you get results and excellent service. You, as our client, will be treated as an individual with unique needs, values and goals. The solutions we suggest and implement will be customized, achievable and sustainable.

We are ready to serve you and your family. We make organizing fun and we get the job done faster than anyone. Hire a Major Organizers Liberator today!