Dear Clients, Friends, Family, and Supporters,

As the founder of Major Mom, I am proud to be the one to share our company’s exciting news with you! Over the next twelve months, Major Mom will begin the transition to our new company name, Major Organizers. Before you worry that we are throwing the Major Mom brand out and starting over, please understand this: we PROMISE that Major Organizers is really only a name change. Our vision, mission, brand promise and no-judgement guarantee are staying the same. No matter what our name, we will still make organizing fun and get the job done faster than anyone.

Change is never easy, and while rebranding isn’t quite as complicated as changing an airplane engine in flight, it sometimes feels like it as we prepare for the roll out of the Major Organizers name.

When I began this company in 2009, it was just me wanting to help those stay-at-home moms that were feeling isolated and out-of-control from the chaos and clutter surrounding them. I chose the name Major Mom because it was what my husband nicknamed me while in the military after I became a mom at the rank of Major.

However, this company is no longer made of up moms helping moms. We now employ 23 Liberators in Colorado and Arizona, and the name Major Mom no longer works as well. I have heard personally from business coaches and mentors that the name Major Mom is confusing and actually working against us in terms of defining our services in the marketplace. Liberators often have to explain what our company does – not a good thing in the competitive business world. We have been contacted by people looking for a nanny or maid service. We’ve even been contacted by those seeking a boot camp-style workout program!

My vision for this company is to be a well-respected and well-known national brand, restoring order to the world one household at a time. I also want to offer men and women who were born to organize a way to achieve their financial goals by doing work that they love. This includes organizing households with or without children, as well as households of men or women. The name Major Organizers helps us communicate that our services are available to one and all!

Often when we work with our clients, we use gentle prompts to help them decide when it is time to let something go. In much the same way, we have been going through the same treasure step with the Major Mom moniker, determining that although we will always love the Major Mom logo and name, it is now time for a change, to open ourselves up to the new opportunities God has in His Plan for us as Major Organizers.

So, now, it is with much excitement (you know we love a good organizing project!) that we move forward into the rebranding process to Major Organizers. I will still continue to use Major Mom as my personal brand for speaking and teaching. All Liberators will still use the Major Mom Method of organizing, and we will still refer to our team as Major Mom & the Liberators. Our mission, vision and values will never change! Over the next twelve months, we will be rolling out the Major Organizer brand. We will be communicating with you as we make changes. Right now, we are still in “Phase One: Picture It” and nothing is changing yet except our name and logo as you see above. You can still find your favorite Liberator at her Major Mom email address and visit us at

Finally, we have a huge favor to ask of our clients, friends, family, vendors, fans and followers. We respectfully request that you help our mom-owned, veteran-owned company grow by letting your network of people know we are looking for three things:

  1. New Clients
  2. Franchisees
  3. Employees

Thank you for all your support. We are so grateful for you! If you have questions that have not been answered here, or feedback to share with our team, please send us a message at We are blessed to share this new chapter of our story with you.

Have a majorly organized day!

I salute you,

Angela Cody-Rouget

Angela Cody-Rouget
866-693-6996 Ext. 5