Cluttered basements are not haunted, but they can be scary to kids and adults. Many of our clients are often scared to go in their basements. When our team of Liberators organize basements, we often wear gloves, masks and hats, but we are not afraid to go in to the basement. You may see us pray before going in, but we are praying blessings over the home. We have some standard prayers we pray that are 100% focused on ensuring we remain fun, non-judgmental and safe.

We look at clutter as a fun and exciting challenge and we can usually turn the scary space into an amazing space in a matter of days. If your kids refuse to go in the basement, it may be time to call in the Major Mom Liberators.

Many households have organized people living in them, but they do not have time to organize. It can cause so much stress and discord in a family when the house feels chaotic and disorganized. Newsweek reported years ago that the average American spends 55 minutes a day looking for things we know we own, but cannot find. This sounds horrifying to us and it must be scary to keep losing things. We want to help families get their basements decluttered and organized!


  • Scary Prayers: Several of our clients admitted to us that they pray for their house to get hit by lightning and burn to the ground. We immediately counteract that scary prayer with, “Dear Lord, give them the resources and wisdom to hire us to declutter and organize their home. Please Lord do not hit their house with lightning.”
  • Scary Thoughts: Lots of our clients have terrible thoughts about what they would like to do to their spouses’ stuff. Thank God they call the Major Mom Liberators in before they do something super spooky.
  • Scary Words: Probably the scariest thing for children to endure in cluttered and chaotic homes are scary words from their parents. For example, “If you don’t clean up this playroom all your toys are getting thrown away!”