We hope you enjoy the latest installation of Major Organizers: Before and After.

Our wish is that these real-life images inspire and encourage you to take control of your clutter—no matter what your budget—so you have a functional home you love living in.


This busy family has very limited space in their kitchen. Despite the close quarters, they love to bake, cook and entertain. However, they often found the process stressful and frustrating due to their overflowing counters and cabinets.

This family had the courage and wisdom to reach out to Major Organizers for judgement-free, professional help so they could make their space work within their budget and reclaim their kitchen.


In order to tackle the challenge of too much stuff in not enough space, this family’s Liberator started by clearing the cabinets, drawers, shelves and counters. Then, together the Liberator and the family decided which items they use often, which they use occasionally and which could be donated or sold.

The things they use each day got prime real estate in the kitchen so they could be accessed easily and quickly. This included using the top of the refrigerator and hanging shelves, which were lowered so they would be within reach. The infrequently used items were stored on a bakers rack in an extended pantry–a storage area just outside the kitchen that wasn’t being used.

When the organizing job was done, all the kitchen items had a place where they belonged so they could be found when needed and stored neatly when not.

The Impact

This family is no longer embarrassed when company comes over. They enjoy having their kids, friends and family pitch in with the cooking without worrying they will knock things off the counter.

In the end, when the kitchen became functional, it truly became the heart of the home again.