When you’re trying to get your house or home office organized, there never seems to be a convenient time to tackle the project, especially if you have minimal or no help. We recently read an article in Newsweek that indicates the average American spends at least 55 minutes a day looking for things. That’s more than 6 hours a week! Still think you don’t have time for that home organization project?

At Major Organizers™, we understand the value of a space that is cleared of clutter and easy to find things in. We have helped hundreds of people in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Ohio, and Texas reclaim their living spaces and home offices, and we can help you do the same! In our previous article, we reviewed what sets us apart from the competition. Today, we’ll review a few times when our services may be advantageous to you. Read on to learn more!


Are you planning on moving anytime in the near future? Unpacking and sorting through all of your belongings can be overwhelming, creating a sense of anxiety for many people. This is probably why many people fail to implement practical home organization systems from the start when moving into a new home. Our team of experts can help you plan, designate locations for items that make sense, and employ systems that are easy to uphold to help you maintain your new clutter-free space!

Having a Baby

Whether this is your first baby or your third, adding a new addition to your home can be hectic! You may have hand-me-downs to go through and baby shower gifts to go through, all while trying to get that nursery in order before the baby arrives. Hiring an expert like Major Organizers to help you out while you’re expecting can help make this major life transition one of excited anticipation rather than a stressful, overwhelming event.


Whether you’re in the process of whittling down your personal belongings in order to move into your dream retirement home, or you’ve decided to join the movement of folks who are downsizing to live life in a “tiny home,” the process of going through your items can seem like a momentous task. Many professional organizing companies, including ours, operate within a proven system that will help you plan, sort, and maintain a clutter-free lifestyle so that you can enjoy the more important things in life!

Merging Households

Are you looking to bring a roommate into your home for extra income? Are you in the process of combining two households following a marriage or other major life event? When individuals go from having their own space and belongings to combining property and living quarters, things can get tense. When you get assistance from a home organization pro like one of our Major Organizers Liberators, you’ll get unbiased feedback and help on how to best use the spaced based on everyone’s preferences, lifestyle, and schedules.

These are just a few instances in which we have found people can benefit most from having expert assistance when it comes to decluttering and organizing. For more than 10 years, we have helped folks just like yourself find peace and order to their daily lives, whether it’s in their living room, kitchen, or home office. To learn more about our mission, values, and our “No Judgement Guarantee,” contact us today! We’d love to work with you and help you focus on the more important things in life!