Nothing can be as challenging, overwhelming, and frustrating than trying to organize your own home. For some, this ability comes naturally. For others, the task can seem impossible without the assistance of a professional home organization service like Major Organizers. We have been providing professional organizing help for more than 10 years, and our method has proven successful for many people just like you! When you call Major Organizers, we will help you picture and plan your organization strategy, then we will help you accomplish the task with five easy S.T.E.P.S. What does this method entail? We’re glad you asked!

Sort Your Items into Categories

The first step of implementing any kind of organization strategy is to go through the clutter. After all, you can’t expect to know what you want to keep unless you sort through items and begin to categorize them. Begin by grouping and placing similar items together. For example, separate paperwork from the clutter and place it all together. This will make it easier to sort through when the time comes. If there are items that don’t belong in the room you’re organizing, have a box, laundry basket, or other container to place them all in so they can be returned to their appropriate locations.


This is the point in the process which involves reviewing each item to determine what things you will keep, and which will be donated or otherwise taken away. When you are going through this step, it can be helpful to have someone who is well-versed in home organization services. By asking the right questions, Major Organizers can assist you in this part of the process by helping you understand what items hold sentimental or functional value, and which ones don’t. This kind of assistance can help keep objectivity in the process.

Establish Locations and Systems

Once you have decided what items you will hold onto and which ones will go, it is vital that you work to establish where the items you kept will go and what kind of system you can employ to remain organized. When you’re considering where to place things in your space, consider what function they serve. Take a home office, for example. Office supplies are best kept in an appropriate container on the desk where they will be used, not in the closet or on a bookshelf. Likewise, books belong on shelves and are easily referenced when they are categorized. The key here is the ease and efficiency of location.

Plan a Container Strategy

There may be some items you’d like to hang onto that don’t need to be accessed on a regular basis. For these items, some sort of storage strategy should be employed to ensure that your hard organization work doesn’t go to waste. Home organization services here can be beneficial in this phase as well. A professional will have experience with and know the pros and cons of many commonly used storage containers. At Major Organizers, we have helped many people pick out just the right containers to store their belonging in, and we can help you, too! Check out our gallery of before and after photos to see the results of our services!

Start New Habits

Now that you’ve sorted everything, decided on what stays and what goes, and established practical locations and systems to work with, it’s time to implement all of these decisions! This is often where the best laid plans go awry, and the assistance of a professional company like Major Organizers can help ensure your success! Our virtual organizing service can be optimal for homeowners who would like a follow-up to our other services to give you the advice and encouragement you need to stay on track.

To learn more about the professional home organization services we offer, call us at 1-888-549-8854 today!