Happy New Year from Major Organizers! Now is the perfect time to declutter and let go of those things holding you back. Liberators with Major Organizers share 5 things you can do now to help you let go of the old and make room for the new.

1.   Have each child sort their room. Once your children sort their items and see how much they have, they are more likely to give unused items to the needy.

2.    Teach your family the gift of giving. Pick a local shelter or non-profit to acquaint your family with. When children see who they are helping it has a greater impact on their lives.

3.    Find your treasures. The two most popular areas for storing unused items are closets and kitchens. Go through both and decide which items are true treasures. Release the rest to those who truly need your discards.  If you haven’t used it or worn it in two years, chances are you are keeping it for the “just in case” that will never come.

4.   Reduce the incoming. Focus on one another, not the “stuff” in 2017. Instead of gifts, plan activities to do together. Time together is priceless.

5.   Take a quick and honest inventory. Walk through your home and look at every item in each room.  Anything that reminds you of unpleasant times, people or places needs to be removed from your home and passed along to someone who will enjoy it.