Jessica joined Major Organizers in the summer of 2013. As a wife and mother of two young children, Jessica has first-hand experience with the challenges of organizing a family, and loves sharing her organizing passion with her clients.

What attracted you to organizing?
My passion has always been organizing. When I had my first child, I saw how being organized could make my life and my child’s life easier. That’s when I decided to make a career change to do what I loved. A friend had heard about Major Organizers and sent me a link to the website; I joined the team that following summer.

What is your favorite organizing tip that you’ve picked up from a client?
Using clear glass containers to store my teas and coffee. The boxes my tea comes in don’t allow me to see how many I have left. Now I can see at a glance if we are running low.

Do you have a favorite organizing story?
I love labels; without them, my family and I wouldn’t be able to maintain our systems. The week I decided to go for an organizing career, I began to label my fridge. My husband drew a line in the sand! He said “Go find somewhere else to label. We can’t get a detailed as ‘Ketchup goes here.’” And he was right! There is such a thing as organizing overload – we have to live in our house, we can’t spend all our time looking for the exact spot for the ketchup. That’s why “zones” work so well.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of organizing?
I love my family and spending time with them. We craft during the week, and go on family adventures in the mountains or travel the U.S. on weekends.

What would your clients be surprised to learn about you?
I was a gymnast throughout my school years and can still do a back flip when asked. It’s harder on my joints now though!

What is your favorite way to relax?
I love a nice hot cup of tea and a couch. My young kids still keep me busy at night and during the day, so sitting is not something I do often. My nightly routine is to reset the house and put everything back in its place. Then I can sit and read or watch a movie.

What’s your biggest organizing challenge in your own home?
Everyone has to work together to put things back in place in large shared spaces.Our garage is often on the verge of out of control.

What would you tell a client nervous about hiring a professional organizer for the first time?
Judgement is not going to come from us – it’s not what we are here to do. We are thankful to be welcomed into your home, and draw great joy from helping our clients with something that comes very naturally to us.