Liberator Leisa Jolstad ran a classroom for two decades, and now she’s educating others on how to get organized.

What attracted you to organizing?

My background is teaching. I’ve been a teacher for 20 years, teaching every age from pre-K through high school special education. I have been organized and have enjoyed organizing everything and everyone my whole life.

What is your favorite organizing product?

I really like organizing bins and organizing hardware from the Container Store.

What is your favorite organizing tip that you’ve picked up from a client?

I saw a client who organized little things like safety pins and buttons in the see-through orange medication bottles. I do that now.

What is one of your most memorable organizing moments?

I was helping my brother move into his new house, and I was opening and organizing the boxes to see where they needed to go and what needed to be opened right away. I opened a box, reached in and felt something fuzzy. I screamed, having just touched a mouse! It was a fuzzy fake mouse that was his cat’s toy.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of organizing?

I enjoy online scrapbooking. I make “yearbooks” for the grandparents. I actually have my children’s artwork and pictures scanned and in scrapbooks and I’m only a couple months behind.

What’s your biggest organizing challenge in your own home?

My children’s rooms! I have systems in place for them, but they don’t feel it’s all that important to be organized (or clean).

What would you tell a client nervous about hiring a professional organizer for the first time?

That they will not be disappointed. We will get the job done, and it will be fun!