After years of working in just about every role in the restaurant industry, Andrea Limes is following a lifelong passion: organizing.

What drew you to professional organizing?

I have a background in photography and in all front-of-house positions in the restaurant business, including management. During my training in photography, I must have collected thousands and thousands of pictures and negatives. I think my passion for organizing really grew from there. It takes a lot of time and space to keep that stuff organized.

It sounds like you had to be organized in your personal and professional life. What are some of your favorite organizing products?

I like to find plastic bins and baskets for cheap. They are great to use all over the house, especially in the bathroom for hair, make up and shower supplies.

As a professional organizer, you must pick up new tips all the time from your clients and in the media. Do you have a favorite?

One of my favorite organizing tips is actually from a magazine article I read years ago about those pesky plastic grocery bags that everyone has loads of. If you haven’t already recycled them back at the store and you want to keep a few around, there’s a solution. Repurpose an old wipe container into a plastic bag holder. You can even make it decorative.

Although you’re very organized, you must have a challenge or two managing your own things from time to time. Does anything stand out to you?

Everyone has a certain item in their house that they have multiple of and never realize. In my case, it was vases. I was organizing my cabinet under the kitchen sink and found 24 vases! I don’t even know where they all came from or how they even fit under there. Now I’m down to three.

When you’re not helping others liberate themselves from disorganization, what do you do in your downtime?

I love to travel. I enjoy nature—hiking, fishing, camping, or even just sitting under the stars. I was fortunate to work with some great chefs, which led to my love of cooking. Fine art photography is a passion. I’m also a huge music fan—from classical to rap, the 1920s to present day, and everything between.

How would you spend a free evening alone?

In comfy pajamas with a good book, or binge-watching a great TV series.