Have you ever thought about all the personal belongings that are contained in the average household? From furniture to clothing, keepsakes, and more, there are likely hundreds or thousands of personal belongings in the average American household. Add the belongings of children or aging parents that live in the home and the amount of personal property in any given house can skyrocket. Here at Major Organizers, we understand that you place great value on your personal belongings, which is why we are passionate about helping you organize those treasures. Creating a catalog of personal property can be a great start to any organization or decluttering project, but there are many additional benefits to creating a personal property catalog.

Damage to Your Home

Have you or a loved one ever dealt with the devastation following damage to your home from fire or water? In the aftermath of such a horrendous event, it can often times be challenging to remember or determine what personal property was lost or damaged in the event. If you file an insurance claim for damage to your home, it is likely that your insurance company will ask you to provide a list of your personal property so that they can begin the compensation process. Take a moment to think about whether or not you would be able to recall each and every article of jewelry in your jewelry box. Likewise, would you be able to list down all the contents of your garage? For some, this can be more challenging than others. Creating a personal property catalog and keeping it updated can help with the replacement process in the event you are faced with the loss of any personal property in a catastrophic event. Be prepared before disaster strikes! Major Organizers can help you with organizing your home as you create your catalog!

Theft of Property

In addition to fire and flooding events, the personal belongings in our homes are also subject to theft. If you’ve ever been the victim of burglary, you know just how devastated and violated you can feel when someone has entered your home uninvited and stolen the things you have worked very hard for. In the event of a home theft or burglary, it’s likely that you will file a police report if there were multiple items taken, or if the items taken were of substantial value. Immediately following such a personal intrusion, it can be difficult to clearly remember everything that was in your home. Keeping a catalog of personal property can help you in determining what, if anything, was stolen. Once this is determined, it makes filling the police report out, as well as any insurance paperwork, much easier. The process of creating a personal property inventory can also be an opportune time to organize each room in your home as you create the catalog. Call Major Organizers today if you need help with home organization!

Preparation for Property Division

If you’ve ever been the executor of an estate after a friend or loved one’s passing, you know just how challenging it can be to properly handle the property division of the deceased. Likewise, if you have had the unfortunate experience of a divorce or other division of a household, you understand how difficult it can be to fairly divide joint property. Creating a personal property catalog can prove to be very beneficial to those handling your estate after you pass. It can also assist you and your legal counsel as you prepare your final will and testament. Additionally, it can also be a useful tool for yourself and loved ones in the event that it is necessary to divvy up jointly purchased property. With so many positive attributes, it’s hard to think of how someone wouldn’t benefit from having a thorough, detailed personal property list! The experts at Major Organizers would be happy to help you organize your space as you prepare to create your inventory — give us a call today!

Keep Track of Collections or Items in Storage

It’s likely we’ve all done it: as you’re digging around in your basement or attic, you stumble upon something important that you were looking for days, months, or years ago. Home storage spaces such as basements and attics are a great blessing, but often times, items get stored there for lack of another place to put them and then they get forgotten. Do you have a large amount of personal belongings or family heirlooms in storage, either in your home or a remote storage facility? Or perhaps you’ve amassed a large lot of collectibles and need an efficient way of keeping track of each item’s name, description, and value. One of the best ways to keep track of items such as valuable personal items, family heirlooms, and collectibles is to have all their details written down and memorialized in one space. A personal property catalog is perfect for such use. If you need help organizing your basement or attic so that you can create such a catalog, give Major Organizers a call!

At Major Organizers, we place just as much value on your satisfaction as you do on your personal belongings. For more than 10 years, Major Organizers has helped property owners take control of their space and learn the valuable skills and benefits of organization. If you have a home organization project that seems overwhelming, give us a call. We offer in-home consultations as well as virtual organizing services to meet any need and situation. Check out our package pricing for even more value! We can’t wait to work with you!