Join An Established Company vs. Being A Solopreneur?

We hire and train year round. Major Organizers has everything it takes to be the best organizing company in the world—great clients, products and services, talented people, and now the skills, experience and creative ideas you can bring to our team. We aim to be a company where every employee can contribute and excel. We work hard to create opportunities for you to develop and grow, so that our clients view us as the best in the business and our company is known as a great place to work.

Many of our Liberators still have other jobs when they join our team. That is why we created three career tracks at Major Organizers: Assistant Organizer, Professional Organizer and Certified Professional Organizer. You get to select which track is best for you based on your season of life. Our Liberators range in age from 16 – 60 years old. You can also join our company as an intern if you do not have a high school diploma and upon finishing your internship you can proceed to a career track.

Major Organizers works with busy moms and their families at all stages of their lives: newly married with baby to being an empty-nest to becoming a grandmother. We also work with single dads and single professional males preparing to combine their household with their future wife. We are not a maid service and we do not work with Level 4 and 5 hoarders.

We have created systems and procedures that allow you to enjoy being a professional organizer and minimizes the administrative and business aspects that can rob you of your passion and purpose. Hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent to create the Major Organizers Brand.

We have created the following list to help you realize the benefits of joining our team versus becoming a solo practitioner.

  • Established Brand Recognition
  • PR & Marketing Staff
  • Professional Business Cards
  • Marketing Materials
  • Covered Under Corporate Liability Insurance, Dishonesty Bond and Errors and Omission Insurance
  • Paid Via W-2 Reduces Record keeping Burdens and Simplifies Year End Tax Prep
  • Workman’s Compensation Coverage
  • Longstanding Website (Thousands of hits per month)
  • Longstanding Successful Social Media Sites
  • Branded and Professional Client Forms and Contracts
  • Uniforms That are Fun and Functional
  • Team Jobs and Solo Jobs Depending on Your Preference
  • Structured, Safe and Fun Environment
  • Employee Benefits
  • Minimal Financial Expense of $250 for uniforms, training supplies and organizing tool kit
  • Proven Organizing Systems called the Major Organizers Method
  • Monthly Training: Safety, Client Care, Teamwork, Organizing Solutions
  • Organizing Resources Available to You 24/7 via the cloud
  • Client Management and System Automation In Place
  • Low Employee Turnover compared to other industries
  • Unlimited Vacation Days (unpaid)
  • High Client Retention and Referral Rates

A career as a professional organizer is truly a team sport. If you chose to go solo, you will quickly discover there will be too many jobs which you cannot handle or clients you do not want to work with alone. In a team environment, you will be able to minimize your weaknesses and lack of experience by the strengths of the other Liberators on your team.

Also, if you become sick or have a family emergency, the client doesn’t suffer. You will have teammates to fill in for you in your absence. Some of our teammates go to part-time in the summers if they have children. Three are better than one. Together, as a team, we deliver amazing results for our clients. Don’t delay, join our today.

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