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We hire and train year round. We have trained over 57 newbies to the industry and all of them organize on the front lines armed with knowledge, trainers and confidence. Many of our employees have never worked as a professional organizer. We like to hire people that have a natural ability to organize and are passionate about helping others. We are not in the business of teaching you how to be an organized person, but all of our employees become more organized as a result of being part of the Major Mom Liberators. We want to teach you the professional side of organizing to enhance your natural or learned abilities. Hence, all new employees must attend the Major Mom Academy before working with clients. The classroom portion of the academy is available on-line and is self-paced. You will have 30 days to complete the virtual class. The hands-on portion of the academy involves working with real live clients under the supervision of an experienced Certified Liberator.

The Major Mom Academy is free for our employees only. We do not charge your for the academy and we do not pay you to complete the training. However, there are several out-of-pocket expenses to expect. Specifically, you will need to purchase your own camo pants and t-shirts, organizing supplies, tool tote, binder, expand-a-file organizer and printing supplies for use during the academy (printer, paper and ink).

Locations & Dates

We hire and train year round. The Major Mom Academy has a virtual classroom component allowing you to learn at your pace. On the job training is scheduled once you complete all classroom modules and quizzes. If you have questions about beginning a career with Major Organizers®, please contact us: or 866-693-6996 Ext 2.

What to Expect

You will receive training from the founders of Major Organizers, Angela and Mandy. They are experienced Liberators and Certified Professional Organizers®. They will cover Major Organizers’ policies and procedures, personality profiles, industry norms and rules, how to organize using the Major Mom Method™, client care, attracting new clients, team organizing techniques, space planning, tricks of the trade and much more.

There are six modules in the classroom training and each module has a quiz you must take before going to the next module. The classroom training takes between 10 – 30 days to complete for most students (depending on their current work schedules and family life).

Once you complete the 36 hours of classroom training, you will go in to a real client’s home and organize them with your trainer and other trainees in your area. You will need to complete approximately 24 hours of on-the-job training in three different homes with three different clients. We find and schedule these clients for you as it is important they are not your friends and family.

At the end of all your training, you will graduate and officially enter your 3-9 month apprenticeship under the mentorship of a Certified Liberator™and/or a Certified Professional Organizer®. You will be paid per the rank and pay scale after you complete two academy training jobs.

Have Questions?

If you have questions about beginning a career with Major Organizers, please feel free to call 866-693-6996 x2 or click here to contact our Human Resources Coordinator. However, if you are ready to apply, click the Apply Now button below.

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