1. Before & After: Rethinking Work and Play

    Before This family had plenty of space in their home, including a large basement with a spare room adjacent to the main basement they used for their children’s toys. The main basement area housed their pool table, Foosball table, air hockey game, and lounge area. The toy room was where the two boys played Xbox games and kept the Nerf guns and other miscellaneous toys. In addition, all of their L…Read More

  2. Meet Your Liberator: Lyndsie Bahre

    Liberator Lyndsie Bahre is something of a renaissance woman. With experience working in human development, nutrition, sales, customer service and in-home daycare, she’s done it all. One skill has helped her succeed in all these varied areas: her passion for organizing. Today, she’s sharing this talent with others so they can take control of their possessions and live the life they deserve. Q: …Read More

  3. Before & After: A Family Kitchen Is Reborn

    We hope you enjoy the latest installation of Major Organizers: Before and After. Our wish is that these real-life images inspire and encourage you to take control of your clutter—no matter what your budget—so you have a functional home you love living in. Before This busy family has very limited space in their kitchen. Despite the close quarters, they love to bake, cook and entertain. However,…Read More

  4. Before & After: A Growing Family Gets Its Dining Room Back

    Before When a new baby arrived, this family reconfigured the home to make room for the new bundle of joy. The office became a nursery, and the dining room became the office—which in turn became the dumping ground for baby gear, piles of mail and just about every other odd or end that no longer had a designated place in the house. The dining room was no longer functional, so the family resorted t…Read More

  5. Meet Your Liberator: Jessica Haney

    During the 20 years Jessica Haney worked as a nanny, she saw the ins and outs of many busy family homes. Now she’s taking the best organizing tips she learned along the way and putting her talent to work as a liberator at Major Organizers. Working with children can be equally rewarding and exhausting. How did you know that professional organizing would be a great career fit for you after two dec…Read More

  6. Resolution #1: Get Organized

    Resolution #1: Get Organized With each new year comes a sense of a fresh start. As we pack away the holiday decorations, we see our home—and all its flaws—in a new light. This year, resolve to take charge of your space and all its contents and finally live the organized life you crave. Picture It What’s the first step in the process of getting organized? Having a clear vision of what an orga…Read More

  7. Meet Your Liberator: Melissa Smith

    What do the retail and hospitality industries have to do with keeping your home in order? A lot, if you’re Melissa Smith. She’s taking skills she honed in the corporate sector and putting them to work to help families keep their stuff—and their lives—in tip-top shape. In your professional life, you’ve had a lot of experience in the corporate world. What inspired you to take a leap into o…Read More

  8. Do’s and Don’ts for Winning at the Holidays

    Welcome to the thick of the holiday season—a time we look forward to and dread in equal measure. Traditions and time with family and friends bring joy, but overloaded schedules and pressures of shopping and hosting can leave us stressed out. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you navigate common holiday stressors and come out on top. Holiday Shopping THE CHALLENGE: You want to shower your…Read More

  9. Meet Your Liberator: Stacey Conley

    Many families are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to getting their homes and lives organized. Keeping too many things is overwhelming, but the idea of parting with possessions isn’t any better. Enter Stacey Conley, a geology-loving organizing pro who’s on a mission to help families get liberated from what’s weighing them down. You have a bachelor’s degree in geology. Ho…Read More

  10. Be Grateful for Your Clutter!

    Piles of paper on the counter, overflowing closets and mountains of dirty laundry can be overwhelming, but if you look at them through a fresh perspective, they also can be reminders of the abundance of blessings you have in your life. For example, those papers may be work-related, which means you can feel grateful to have a job. Those closets full of odds and ends mean you have had money availabl…Read More