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Englewood, CO

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Locally Owned & Operated by Cony Weir and Dennis Chandler–fluent in English, Spanish and German.

Our Liberators in Englewood are passionate about decluttering and organizing for busy families. Each Liberator has attended our intensive Major Mom Training Academy. The Liberators are blessed with the gift of organizing and they are passionate about helping others conquer clutter, chaos and disorganization.


"The two women did a great job."

The two women did a great job. They helped organize the garage so I could get my car into it, and they helped organize the basement. Took two or three days, but everyone was happy with the end result.

  • Richard Barkley
  • Englewood, CO

"I can’t believe how "

I can’t believe how much was accomplished in just one day! Angela’s team really heard my my family’s needs and executed them so incredibly well in ways I could never have come up with on my own. The team of ladies were very gracious, understanding & non-judging. It felt amazing & so liberating to see my home in a way its never been before.

  • Jentrey P., Health & Life Transformation Coach
  • Englewood, CO

"Surprised at what the organizers"

Surprised at what the organizers were able to accomplish would be an understatement. I don’t have trouble paring down but kids returning from college and dumping their lifes’ possessions before moving onto their adult lifes left hubby and me with a mess. Somehow, the organizers were able to group things together and boom it was out the door. A little expensive but what is one’s time worth?

  • Nancy B., Writer
  • Englewood, CO

"Our storage room was disorganized"

Our storage room was disorganized and filled with things we moved from another house 16 years ago. With Major Mom’s help, we can walk into the storage room and know where everything is. Thank you!

  • S. Sloane
  • Englewood, CO.

"We’d recently moved"

We’d recently moved and I knew I wasn’t fully utilizing our cupboards and cabinets. I also knew that my pantry and mud room weren’t doing the job they were designed to do. Major Mom came in and helped me redesign those problem areas and now they work beautifully for our whole family. Thank you Major Moms and thank you Linda!

  • Katie W.
  • Community Volunteer Englewood, CO

"Major Mom is a major life saver!"

Major Mom is a major life saver! Major Mom is better than therapy (and/or drugs)! And they throw in great exercise for free! (They make you sweat because they work so fast and are so thorough!) If this was a class, they would get an A+. I give them my highest recommendation.

  • JZ, Divorced, Empty-nester and Educator
  • Englewood, CO

"Mandy was really helpful."

Mandy was really helpful. She taught us new skills and techniques that benefit us personally and for our different businesses. Mandy was able to navigate tricky situations with grace and poise. We truly appreciate her help and would recommend her to anyone!

  • Erik and Rachel Denning
  • Englewood, CO. Realtor, Mary Kay Consultant, Parents

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