Being a Liberator is so rewarding!

Finding Major Organizers was like having the light bulb go off in my head! Making a career out of organizing?! Sign me up! I immediately sent in my application and waited to hear from the Liberators. The training academy was incredibly thorough and told me right from the get go that these ladies meant business. If we are going to organize homes and businesses, we’re going to do it right! I felt nervous for my first in-home job, but it was so much fun! Our team works so well together and really helps support one another. Having great team members really made it easy to feel confident trying new things and quickly gaining experience. I feel so lucky to have found a job that allows me to do something that I love alongside a fun and supportive team!

Kirby, July 2019

What a blessing that a company values their employees enough that they will invest hours of in-depth comprehensive training in them. I feel more than adequately prepared to succeed in the organizing profession.

Stacey, June 2019

Joining Major Organizers has really opened up my eyes. It has shown me that there are more ways to help people than taking the normal career path. Definitely a career path to consider if you’re willing to dive deep into the nitty-gritty and help people with problems you may have never experienced yourself!
Jess, August 2018

I have found how much organizing my own household has helped me to gain some control in a world where I cannot control everything. Now that my household is organized much more efficiently and effectively, I have become very passionate about bringing these same results to my family and friends. Finding Major Organizers was definitely a blessing for me so that I can help even more people gain freedom in their own lives!
Gina, April 2018

If you like organizing and you like to go home knowing that you made a difference in someone’s life then this is for you. With a great team around you, this will feel like a lot of fun and not like work!
Truia, February 2018

When I found out about Major Organizers, I was like this is too good to be true. I have been told for years that I should start up an organizing business as I have a knack for it and the Major Mom Method taught has helped understand just what it means to be an organizer. I am glad I took the step to become a Major Organizer Liberator!

Crystal, February 1018

For anyone with a God given talent or passion for organizing, I strongly recommend joining Major Organizers. It is more than a company. It is more than about making money. It is a movement to liberate and empower the world on household and office at a time. The skills and knowledge I am receiving will never be forgotten.

Ernest, January 2018 

I have thoroughly been enjoying my experience with Major Organizers. I am a new graduate of the Major Mom Academy and I am amazed at all the knowledge I have gained not only about the company and organizing, but about myself as well! I feel mentally and physically equipped to begin liberating so many families so that they can start enjoying the important things in life! Everyone I have interacted with on the staff of Major Organizers has been so knowledgeable, kind and helpful. I am excited to begin my career as a liberator with Major Organizers and be part of such a great team!
Michelle, January 2018

The Major Mom Academy provided the foundation for becoming a successful Liberator with Major Organizers. It gave me the framework (the Major Mom Method) to take something I was already passionate about doing – organizing my own home – and translated it to organizing for others.

Melissa, October 2017

This is an exciting time for liberating homes. Major Organizers are Franchising opening up the opportunities for more cities to be involved in this Major effort to help families. Be the change you want to see and step up to make a difference. This is a self starting career field and also very rewarding. I don’t know what would be holding anyone back from changing their lives while improving others!

Marche, March 2017

The Major Mom Academy addresses all aspects of organizing, not just how best to declutter. You learn more about clients and yourself through Personality Testing and education. This class was comprehensive and a true asset to my career!
Melanie, October 2016

When I found out about Major Organizers, I was like this is too good to be true. I have been told for years that I should start up an organizing business as I have a knack for it and the Major Mom Method taught has helped understand just what it means to be an organizer. I am glad I took the step to become a Major Organizer Liberator!
Crystal, October 2017

After going through the Major Organizers training academy, you will know they are the real deal. They give you the insight and tools to work successfully as an organizer. I have been warmly welcomed into the Major Organizers family and look forward to working with them. I can’t believe I put off applying, don’t be afraid to take the career change jump!

Stacey,  April 2017

I have always wanted to help people. My entire life I have pushed myself to work for the greater good. I am SO happy that I found Major Organizers! They have provided me with yet another avenue to use my skills (and learn new ones) to help people live peacefully in an organized and functional environment. Make the leap and apply! I did — and it was the best decision I’ve made.

Dylann, June 2017

Major Mom provides excellent training in the organizing industry. As a Christian values based company, Major Mom trains liberators to come alongside their clients in a non judgmental way to free them from clutter and start new habits.

Joan, May 2016

I had been watching those organizing shows on TV for years but never thought this was something I could actually do for a living! I am so excited to be given the opportunity to change lives by organizing and liberating people from their stuff!

Alissa, May 2016

When dreaming of starting a new career as a professional organizer, I often found myself envisioning a mentoring relationship to help me get started. Finding Major Mom was a dream come true and I am so grateful to this company for providing the training and support I was longing for and liberating me from the stress of starting my own business! It is very rewarding to see my natural organizing ability combined with newly acquired skills bring peace, order and joy to others.

Janet, March 2016

Having worked in Corporate America for many years, I was hesitant and nervous from the time I first expressed interest in working for Major Mom all the way through the training process, but what I found was a company and group of Liberators that genuinely want the best for one another – it was like being mentored into a new career, where your insights matter. Every employee’s situation is different and they embrace and respect that, just as they do their clients.

Nicole, January 2016

It’s a great learning process! I’m overjoyed that I went for it! If you have organized any part of your house, then you will really enjoy Major Mom! You won’t regret being a Major Mom Liberator!

Abigail, Intern, January 2016

Thank you Major Mom for creating such an incredible teaching and learning tool in the Major Mom Academy. I am majorly prepared to go out into the world of disorganization and to bring peace and hope to those who are organizationally challenged.

Cindy, January 2016

Major Mom is a wonderfully unique company in that it cares about its Liberators just as much as its clients.

Bethany, December 2015

If you truly have a passion for organizing and making a difference in the lives of others, I want to encourage you to follow that dream! Not only will you be more effective as you pursue a profession you love but there is tremendous satisfaction in witnessing the burden lifted as a client achieves peace and order in their life.

Kara, October 2015

Major Mom is an excellent company to work for! The training you receive is essential, especially the hands-on work. Working with the Major Mom team is a privilege–such a fabulous group of women seeking to serve others!

Sarah, June 2015

It is a scary prospect to consider starting your own business. I have always enjoyed organizing and remember being so amazed when I first saw organizing shows on TV and thinking “People get paid to do that”? I researched organizers in the area and found most to be individuals. When I found Major Mom, I thought it was too good to be true. I could be trained and mentored by three of Colorado’s Certified Professional Organizers, have awesome systems and procedures already in place, and have an established brand with marketing tools, all which allow me to have more time to do what I love – help others get organized! I am a graduate of Major Mom’s August 2014 Academy. I am so fortunate to be part of an awesome team of passionate, talented and fun Professional Organizers!

Lisa, August 2014

The Major Mom Training Academy was the most comprehensive, hands-on training I’ve ever attended. The facilitators were experienced Major Mom Liberators who shared their personal experiences and individual areas of expertise. It was obvious that they love what they do and are completely invested in the success of the entire team, including the new recruits. The training manual is so thorough I seriously prefer it to all of the books I had previously read by the renowned organizing gurus!The Major Mom Academy was exciting, intense and motivating!

Shelley, March 2013

Organizing has always been a part of my life, even if only subconsciously. I have helped friends and family with their homes, and planned numerous large events within my community. After having 3 daughters, all involved socially, in sports and Girl Scouts, I realized that organization was an absolute must. By the Grace of God I found Major Mom, or it found me, and my life has been changed forever. I get to help people everyday, liberating and releasing them from their pain, AND I get paid for it. The complete elation on a client’s face after we have organized any room in their home is beyond words and an affirmation of my soul. Not only am I helping people, and making money, but I also get to scratch my “Organizing Itch”. If this sounds anything like you, come join the ranks and become a Major Mom Liberator, but beware, your life will forever be changed too!

Trisha, March 2013

The Major Mom Academy was like no other job training I have received. It was a very intense, information packed week, after which I felt very prepared to begin my career as a Major Mom Liberator. Looking back I realize now how fortunate I was to have received the training I did from all the great instructors at Major Mom. They are the best!

Angelia, October 2012

The Major Mom academy was a great experience. I was very nervous going in and a little concerned I’d be out of place, but I felt welcomed and comfortable right away. I learned so much about organizing and had a ton of fun doing it! I won’t regret the time and energy I spent on the Major Mom academy and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the organizing industry.

Victoria, October 2012

The Major Mom Academy was definitely worth the price. To have a week devoted to learning from 2 of the 7 CPO’s in the state not only prepared me for the first organizing job I received, but it also confirmed to me that this was the career I wanted. Strangers, neighbors, and family all commented to me that I was glowing the week of the Academy. I grew personally and felt excited to join a team of people who shared the same passions with me.

Cathy, October 2011

The Major Mom Academy was to the T organized. Each day was planned out with care; the information given was relevant to the Professional Organizer profession. Mandy and Angela have an amazing energy, both very energetic, entertaining and thought provoking. Mandy and Angela are genuine, caring, and authentic. They want nothing more than to create a company that empowers their liberators to become successful. And to create successful liberators to help the clients. They are amazing instructors, keep the class on their feet, facilitated growth in each one of us, allowed us into their personal lives, and shared amazing, and embarrassing stories, letting us know they were human too.

Malissa, October 2011

Major Mom Academy is by far the best, most thorough and interesting job training I’ve ever participated in. Every day is packed with vital training information that not only leaves you feeling well-prepared but also inspires new goals and self-growth within. Each training day was a thought-provoking experience! Major Mom Academy arms its Apprentice Liberators with resources, newfound knowledge, a rock solid support system, and the ability to take that step beyond simply having the “organizing gene” to being able to use that gift professionally to change others’ lives.

Megan, February 2011

Being new to the industry, I felt drawn to Major Mom because they combine classroom training with a hands-on day that really establishes the Major Mom Method as your organizing process. I have always taken an intuitive approach to organizing, so the addition of an organized approach to organizing was great!

D’Nae, February 2011

I wanted to let you know that my training through the Major Mom Academy was the best and most thorough job training I have ever received. I was hesitant to accept a job where I had to pay to be trained, but by day two I knew it was well worth the money. I know that your experience on the job prepared me far better to organize and energize clients than I could have ever learned on my own. Everyday, I am changing peoples’ lives…thank you for helping me do it in a way that is educated, uniformed and professional.

Wendy, February 2010

You are so full of positive energy and so passionate about what you do, it is highly contagious. As a trainer you have a special way of explaining all the different aspects of our job. Your care for the customer is an example for us all. I learned more during the academy than I had anticipated and because of this I am more confident and passionate about being a professional organizer and the peace we bring to our clients.

Amanda, February 2010