We hope you enjoy the latest installation of Major Organizers: Before & After.

Our wish is that these real-life images inspire and encourage you to take control of your clutter—no matter what your budget—so you have a functional home you love living in.


This retired widow lived in the back of her converted restaurant. Once she closed the business and her husband passed, clutter took over what was once the dance hall, which is now her primary living space.

Large furniture items in the middle of the space and clutter on top of every surface made just walking through the room difficult. As a result, she no longer invited friends and family over and often secluded herself in her bedroom.


The Liberators were able to create a cozy living room area and move the large furniture pieces to the outside walls to give a much more open flow. The Liberators also created a supply zone to store cleaning supplies, light bulbs, tools and other items together. The Liberators did this to help the owner avoid over buying, which she had been doing because she could never find what she needed.

The client did not want to part with any of her items, and the Liberators made sure to find homes for all of her treasures, using an antique armoire for all her linens and pulling clothes from multiple places and putting them together in the closet.

The impact

By using the Major Mom Method, the Liberators were able to create a functional and sustainable space for this truly unique home—as well as help the owner enjoy hosting friends and family once again!