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We fell back in love with our house. We solved our problems and improved areas of the house we never considered.

Marci M.
Arvada, CO

My family and I have lived in this comfortable home for over 34 years. My wife was a talented artist who had the basement as a studio and work space. I was a business man and a volunteer at my church–books and papers had filled three rooms. We had belongings left by our 2 daughters and many items gathered from 5 generations of our families. My loving wife passed away 3 years ago–I am 77 years old, in poor health and cannot maintain the property any more. Thanks for all three of the Major Mom Liberators!

Dick Ross, Retired Realtor-Owner
Arvada, CO

I was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and even embarrassed because of the way my house looked. I am a single mom with a teenage daughter, a crazy-hectic schedule between the two of us, and difficult-to-use, 820 square feet of townhouse that just didn’t feel big enough. I chose to call Major Mom because I was done. Years ago, I could stay up all night in a cleaning frenzy and get things looking quite nice. But now that just isn’t the case. I would think about a list, and even write one, to try to get myself cleaning. However, it just wasn’t working anymore. I had all the intentions, but as soon as I would look in a room or at a counter I lost all my willpower. It took a lot of humility for me to admit that I needed professional help, but I’m so thankful that I finally did. I know now more than ever that God gives each person a different gift on purpose. My gift is teaching. Mandy’s gift is organizing. Mandy didn’t help me clean, she helped me organize in a way that cleaning isn’t so scary and overwhelming anymore. In our initial walk through, she was very good to assess the way that ADD makes it difficult for my daughter and I to organize and keep going. Throughout the process, Mandy was able to see when I was getting overwhelmed and panicky before I even realized it myself. Additionally, as a single mother, I am on a tight budget. Mandy was awesome in finding ways to help me organize that were low-cost, including a steal-of-a-deal she helped me find on Craig’s List. If I had it do again, the only thing I would change is that I would have called Major Mom for help earlier. Words just cannot express how thankful I am for the help, and also the patience that Mandy provided me. God blessed you with a wonderful gift.

Arvada, CO

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