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Janet and Deanna were a huge help in organizing two oversized garages after a move-in. Sorting, organizing – much better than I could have done. They were very hard working and efficient. I really appreciate their service! My husband and I made this a Valentines gift to each other, and could not be happier. Worth every penny! Thank you so, so much!

Pam L.

Franktown, CO

Stacey did a great job for me. On day 1 & 2 we got my completely chaotic pantry and walk in closet looking like something not of good housekeeping. On day three we managed to sort over 100 boxes of STUFF into manageable categories.  I am very happy with the progress we’ve made and with Stacey’s negotiation skills and positive attitude. Looking forward to continuing to work with her as I get my new home in order. Thanx!

Phyllis G. , Process Development Manager.

Castle Rock, CO 

Cathy patiently and painstakingly helped us sort through decades of clutter to help us find/determine what was truly important & needed a place in our new, smarter home. We have space in our home now. Every nook & cranny is no longer stuffed full. Cathy worked tirelessly through every session, even after we were worn out! We’re so grateful to Cathy & Major Mom and we love our house!

Jennifer W.
Castle Rock, CO

Thank you Major Mom. I have my sewing room back.

T. Smith
Castle Rock, CO. Mother Extraordinaire.

I am writing today to give my thanks to Laura Garratt of Major Mom. Laura came to help me sift through mountains of papers and other misplaced items in my office while my two eldest children and husband were out of town for a week. I wanted to take advantage of the time but, also having an infant at home with me, I knew I needed to be as efficient as possible with what time I would have. I wondered if and how someone else would be able to help me sort through my personal papers, since only I could really make the call on what to keep and file, what to shred and what would need recycling. Well, sure enough, she helped IMMENSELY!!! She helped show me a system to get things out of my home office and into the correct area, she also helped me by sorting things into like piles while I made “the decision” on other items. Getting “homework” from Laura gave me the motivation to get through many items in one sitting as I knew she would be back the next day to move on to another area. Once we tackled the office, we moved on to my kitchen and mudroom. Organizing like things and creating a home for them has really helped my family stop buying what we already had at home, but just didn’t know it! Like me, you may think you don’t “need help” but it is wonderful to have someone else kick-start your organizational efforts, to give you another set of hands AND give you another perspective. I will continue working on other areas of my home using the processes she taught me until “there is a place for everything and everything is in its place!” THANK YOU, LAURA!!

Castle Rock, CO

This was my first add-on time after my initial package–I was really feeling the need for a boost. We were floating around here after that first push and then things started to deteriorate. I really love that Angela explained after the first phase that the Liberators are “mine” forever! Having Michelle come back today was critical in my facing the holidays with some sense of calm and optimism. I love you guys!

Kathryn, Caregive
Castle Rock, CO