Melanie, our franchise owner in Columbus, made a very tough decision to close her location permanently. In early March, all Major Organizers locations decided to lay off employees and stop working with clients during the stay at home order. This was a very wise decision. However, due to the fact that it may be unsafe to enter homes for the foreseeable future, Melanie requested permission to close. Angela granted her permission with grace and mercy.


Andrea came on-time & discussed what we wanted to have her do. We had her work on the basement. She did a great job & finished in a very timely manner. We would certainly use your services again. Very satisfied!

Lynn P.

Dublin, OH

Andrea & Margie arrived on time and were ready to tackle what needed to be done. They are so kind and work with joy and happiness. They helped me organize and downsize over 40 years of stuff! Most of which was no longer wanted or needed. This process is hard, but yet very liberating. If in the future I need help again, I will have them help me! Thank you Major Organizers!

Barbara S.

Kenton, OH

What a great experience! Friendly and professional from the first contact, during the job, and the timely follow-up. I can’t believe how much was accomplished in such a short period of time. I appreciated that donations were taken, rather than left for me to handle. Already planning the next area to be tackled with the help of Major Organizers!!

Patty B.

Hilliard, OH

I would not have survived my downsizing move without the help of Major Organizers. The team arrived ready to work. They packed and unpacked my rooms with efficiency and ease. Of course, they helped me make life-altering decisions (did I really need 18 champagne glasses?). The team was pleasant and engaging. This 20-hour (package) is what everyone needs to reduce the stress of moving. Thank you, Major Organizers, a job well done!

Greta R.

Bexley, OH

Really! They don’t judge or belittle a person. Margie & Andrea were firm when necessary, but NEVER rude. It was HARD and EMOTIONAL to part with so much stuff! But absolutely worth it! I feel SO MUCH BETTER! Relieved even. I’m sorry I waited so long to call them.

Barbara B.

Canton, OH

My help with downsizing and moving into the Powell Senior Living Community has been very pleasant and it has given me a new security in enjoying my life here in my new home. Major Organizers has made this possible for me when I needed their valuable assistance. They were responsible, respectful, and organized. They taught me new ways to use my existing belongings, where to store them efficiently, or donate them to benefit others. Major Organizers arranged a referral for selling some items using a local auctioneer. They took charge, with my direction, and organized my kitchen cupboards, linen closet, and clothing, so that I could use my walk-in closet more efficiently.

Mary W.

Powell, OH

Thank you so much for coming yesterday to speak to our group. I heard many positive comments afterwards. Hope you get a client or two from your presentation. Have to say I am motivated (at least a bit!) to tackle the basement storage room clutter — would make a good project for the cold winter. Thanks for letting me know the winners below — although I was truly hoping it would be me! That storage room needs all the help it can get!
Back in the summer, you answered my plea for a speaker and I hit the jackpot with you guys. Many thanks for your expertise.

Sue D.

Upper Arlington, OH

These women are hard workers and get things done. They are so polite and are non-judgmental. This was a great and stress-free experience.

Debbie C.

Dublin, OH

Andrea Limes and Suzanne came to my condo today and literally gave me a new lease on life after my downsizing move. They are strong, amazing women, moving furniture, carrying items up and down stairs, organizing, helping place area rugs, unpacking items and putting them away. They are more than worth every penny—they are worth their weight in gold. Friendly and efficient. I can hardly wait for their next visit!

Cheryl Noble

Columbus, OH

I am Tooting the horn for Melanie Woods of Major Organizers for doing an amazing unpack job for my dear 85-year-old client who moved out to Ohio and had nobody to help him. I was stressed out with worry about how he was going to get situated in his new assisted living apartment with no family to help and his lack of physically being able to do it himself. Even though it was a bit of travel for Melanie and her assistant, they agreed to help. Not only did she unpack his place in exactly the way I envisioned everything, but she even brought bins to help corral his stuff in the bathroom. I was kicking myself for not asking her to add labels to all of his cabinets to remind him where things are and where to return them but she had made a master list telling him where everything was in the apartment. I can’t tell you how relieved I was that she thought to do that!

She also sent me two detailed emails with pictures of his apartment and an update about my client’s state by end of the day. I know my client very well and knew there was potential for some head-butting but Melanie handled everything beautifully and now I can rest easy knowing he is completely unpacked in a safe place!!! I just can’t thank Melanie enough for the relief she provided to me and for her amazing professionalism with my client.

I am so grateful to have NAPO as a network of resources for my clients, I would have been very uncomfortable calling up any other organizer who was not a NAPO member to handle this client.

Maria White

Ashburn, VA (Columbus, OH)

I would not have been able to be comfortable in ~2 days~ without Andrea. She helped me throughout several phases – from start to finish. A valuable team leader and partner. 

Jody L.

Dublin, OH

Unbelievable transformation! It was a physical, emotional and mental situation that I didn’t realize until after I was done! I feel better, much better, lighter! I donated many clothes that I didn’t know I had. My bedroom is so organized now along with my pantry and kitchen! Thank you Melanie AND your girls! It was so good to work with all of you! 

Mary C. 

Delaware, OH

The playroom is awesome! My girls just love it and spend so much time in there now. They watch far less TV because of it, too! Thank you for all of your help!

Monica H.

Westerville, OH

(Handwritten Note from 8-year-old): Thanks for helping my mama! Love, Us

Stressed Mom of 6 Kiddos

Grove City, OH

Thank you for all of your help!

Paul B.

Columbus, OH

Dear Major Organizers, I want to thank my wonderful organizer, Andrea, for her service today. I was amazed and very pleased with her work. What she was able to do in my office, in the short amount of time she worked with me, was great! I do feel liberated! Thanks again. 

Andi Y

Columbus, OH

My basement looked like I collected everything and literally just threw it down there. I had a path to my washer and dryer and hardly any rest of the floor showed. I now have a folding table, my floor is visible, and everything is put on shelves and labeled! Their organizers sorted and labeled everything and put in select areas, so I have my seasonal items in one area, my wash items in another, hardware and paint in another, etc.

Mickey O.

Ontario, OH

My office / craft room was littered with paper and boxes needing to be sorted and filed. I had let a year-and-a-half worth of stuff pile up and not filed it. I hated going in there. Andrea and Stacey helped for half a day and it is so organized. I know right where everything is. I like going in there now. It is easy to keep neat and I am encouraged to keep it that way.

Mickey O.

Ontario, OH

The girls were friendly, courteous, efficient, and fun! A few pieces of my good clothes accidentally got in the ‘donate’ bag and Andrea knocked herself out to go to the Drop-Off location and go through many bags to find my clothes and return them within three days. I was so grateful as they were items I enjoyed very much. Good job, Andrea!

Peggy M.

Columbus, OH

It was an Unbelievable Transformation! The girls were great, worked well together. Amazing results I can now function in my house and finish everything on time. I know where everything is. I can’t thank you enough. It was expensive but well worth it, as I could not have done it by myself.

Shirley B.

Powell, OH

The Liberators arrived exactly at their starting time and worked straight through the session with no stopping. I was amazed that they could successfully sort my “stuff” so well and leave it so easy to find everything when finished. It is inspiring. It makes us want to “keep” going where they left off and move right through the rest of the house….and garage. They undid years of clutter in just 3 1/2 hours in my Utility Room, Kitchen cabinets, and Pantry shelves. It was so helpful to get their help knowing “where to start”. They listened well and worked exactly to our wishes. I had been nervous that my husband would be upset, because he is so sentimental about letting go of things. They were so respectful and did not force anything upon us that we didn’t already know should be done. I highly recommend their professionalism and character. Many thanks.

Jean S.

Delaware, OH

This was a Herculean Effort! Major Organizers is one of the best companies I have ever worked with – I was overwhelmed and needed to sell my house. Liberators came in and helped me with my garage and basement. It was just what I needed to motivate the rest of my family to get busy and be productive. The hours I had left on my package were used to set-up cabinets in my new sewing room. The most compassionate and caring people ever!!

Darlene K.

Westerville, OH

Suzanne did a fabulous job; she is so professional, but personable and totally trustworthy.

Linda W.

Columbus, OH

Excellent workers! Patient and flexible. I love my new space and I expect to hire them again in the future. ANDREA and SUZANNE were awesome! Thanks Ladies!!!

Valerie H.

Columbus, OH

Magic….it was an unbelievable transformation! The ladies have a gift to make life organized & uplifting!!

Happy Mom 

Upper Arlington, Ohio

Great ladies. Definitely will rehire for next spring clearing.

Jasmin P.

These ladies were incredibly hard working, professional, and fun. We spent the weekend together and I never once felt pushed into doing anything I didn’t feel comfortable with. Honestly, it felt like i had invited a couple of friends to help me. They had wonderful ideas to share and even spent time looking up different items I could purchase that would help keep things organized. It has been 4 months since I was “liberated” and things have stayed organized for the most part. Great team. Thank you!

Danielle F. 

Upper Arlington, Ohio

My husband and I were downsizing from a very large home to a much smaller one. Everything that didn’t fit into the smaller house ended up in the garage.  After several months of trying to make ways to empty the many boxes and make space, I just couldn’t motivate myself to even go into the garage.

Calling Melanie with Major Organizers was the best thing I have done in years. She came out and created a plan of action. Melanie was truly amazing and her storage ideas helped me keep some of the items I truly wanted to keep but just couldn’t find the room or space for.  Melanie was great to work with. She was kind, motivating and her organizational skills were excellent.  Having Melanie not only provided me with my garage being used for our cars (instead of boxes), more so she gave me peace of mind. I am so happy I called Major Organizers and am grateful for Melanie and her expertise.  I can truly say this was the best thing I have done for myself in years.  THANK YOU MAJOR ORGANIZERS.

Monika, Ohio

Melanie did an awesome job in helping me organize my bedroom closet. When she came into my house, we sat down and discussed why she decided to make a career change and how excited she is in her decision. When we began the task of removing everything from my closet and used her organizational skills on replacing my clothing, shoes and miscellaneous items back into my closet I was amazed with the fact that we not only fit the clothes I originally had in there but also additional clothes from a closet from another bedroom. When we started the process I couldn’t walk into my closet because of all the shoes on the floor. We sorted through my shoes and made decisions on what to keep, throw out, share with others and to donate. (We did the same with my clothes). Melanie is very efficient in her organizational skills and very passionate in what she’s doing. She was very focused on the task she was there to accomplish.