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I’ve been liberated! Has made such a difference in the way we live. Absolutely worthwhile and life changing! Makes cleaning so much easier. Everything has a home. Sarah was awesome to work with and kept me motivated from start to finish!

Theresa S.
Littleton, CO

Kara Gonzalez was excellent! She was on time, helpful, and gave great suggestions. She organized my house perfectly.

Eileen B.
Littleton, CO

I was thrilled to find out this was even a possibility! Sarah has been fun, patient, and kind, yet diligent in her work to organize my life and help me “reclaim” a part of my home. I look forward to continuing to work with her to keep things under control! Thanks!

Littleton, CO

At first I was hesitant to hire someone to help me organize my belongings, but I was soon put to ease by the enormous help that Wendy Ahrens was to me. She showed me what has to be done, patiently & with consideration for my feelings, as we sorted through each item that needed to be categorized. I plan to see Wendy again very soon

Florence Van Bebber
Littleton, CO

I am so grateful to Christina and Major Mom for helping us get organized after our son moved back home to work with us in our remodeling/handyman business, and I had to empty my storage room for him to use. I was totally stalled, but once Christina started categorizing, I was able to jump in, and together we made tremendous progress. She helped me repurpose a closet for the things I wanted to keep and helped me dispose of the rest. Next up: Re-organizing our home office!

Michele Bartlett
Littleton, CO. Co-founder, A Master’s Hands, LLC.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money to have my home organized but, when I (78 yr. old Widower) realized I was watching the TV show “Hoarders” two things came to mind. 1. I was not a hoarder YET. 2. I was close to it. So, I bit the bullet and called Major Mom. In the initial interview, I was made aware that a big part of my problem was, Many, Many years of accumulating all kinds of stuff such as, Saved paperwork (Never know when you might need your 15 years old credit card statement or, paper copy of 12 year old bank statement along with all the cancelled checks. All drawers, file cabinets full and, storage boxes lining some of the walls. All my suits, Sport Coats shirts, trousers, etc. going back over 20 years and, several sizes too small. I just hate it when my clothes shrink due to excessive years of storage ;-). Of course, I thought I needed many years of old magazines, etc. Needless to say, I had to keep my Deceased (Over 8 years) wife’s clothes. Yes, all three closets full. Wendy, My Major Mom Certified Professional organizer (CPO). pointed out that if a got rid of some of my stuff, I might have places to put all the “Stuff” that was all over the floors, etc. I signed up for 30 Hrs. of organizing. Took a deep breath when, I saw how much it would cost but, realized I had to do it or, actually interview for the Hoarder TV show in a year or so. Wendy, CPO made the process unbelievably easy. We started in the Bedroom closet which, was reduced by 75% of the stuff I had when we started, the process continued throughout the house usually a couple of 3 hour sessions a week. Wendy would say, open a drawer, pull everything out and, then, I would sit down and she would pick up each item and, all I had to do was point to the “Trash” container; A large box she provided for “Donate”, or, another box we designated for “The Kids” and, what ever was left was placed in a box for me to put in a good place, drawer, cabinet etc. I would guess I got rid of 50% – 75% of what was in this house. Each 3 hour session I wound up with Four to Six – 39 Gal. Trash bags of “Throw Away” Stuff. Wendy filled her full size SUV usually twice and, several time she made Two to three trips to donate site. In my case, I did not care and, Goodwill was 5″ from my house. That was EACH time she came. Every time we met, there were boxes of stuff for the kids to go through and, after they got what they wanted, Wendy would make that disappear on her next visit. It should be noted that since I was a typical guy and, had left organizing cupboards, Drawers, etc. to my wife, Wendy would put “Keep” stuff back in and, organized areas like the two kitchen cupboards. Am I satisfied? YES. I do have one problem now. I have several empty drawers and shelves. But, not to worry. I will fill them up in the next several years. Please note: If, I wasn’t so Happy with Major Mom And, especially my CPO Wendy, I would never take the time to “hunt and peck” this review. Do like I did. Bite the Bullet and, schedule Major Moms NOW! I smile every time I go into my bedroom. It is now a well organized, clean Mans bedroom.

Littleton. Retired, U.S. Navy

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