Locally Owned & Operated by MJ Organizers, LLC as an authorized franchisee of Major Organizers (formerly Major Mom).

Marche` Johnson owns the Major Organizers® franchise that serves Montgomery and surrounding areas. She’s a US Army Veteran born and raised in Montgomery, AL. She is a graduate of Robert E. Lee High School in Montgomery, AL. Marche` spent 13 years dedicated to serving her country in the US Army. She attained the rank of Staff Sergeant in the US Army.  She received her B.S. in Psychology from Troy University and is currently working on her Master’s in Business Administration from Webster University. She has a logistical background that requires tedious paper and data management. Which is when she realized her calling for organizing. She has also moved numerous times being a soldier so she learned early the importance of staying organized and prepared for each move.

After meeting Angela Cody-Rouget in Phoenix, AZ as a fellow veteran with similar passions. She watched the episode of Shark Tank and saw the impact that the Major Mom brand has had on several households with the expectancy to reach more families she decided to pursue owning her organizing business and control her destiny liberating one household at a time. Marche` is proud to be a Veteran-owned company and will continue to support veterans through volunteering, donating, and offering discounts. Marche` is currently a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. Marche` plans to be a voice in her local community for veterans and their families. By offering employment to military spouses, veterans, and local moms is how she plans to tackle the unemployment rate in her local community.

Marche is proud to be Veteran-owned and continue to support veterans through volunteering, donating, and offering discounts.

Marche` is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). She is excited to be a part of Major Organizers and looks forward to expanding her team to help achieve our mission of raising up an army of Liberators to restore order to the world, one household at a time!

Crystal was the first Liberator to join Marche’ when Major Organizers opened in Montgomery. Crystal is your human resource assistant and liberator and she has organization in her blood!  Growing up with an organized and hard-working mom in the Midwest, those family values were instilled in her and it just stuck!!  She has always been very organized but when she moved her family from South Dakota to Georgia ten years ago she had to learn to re-organize her life.  Since then and moving to the Montgomery area, she has become a pro at moving and re-establishing her home systems.

She has a degree in human resource management, and she worked for years in human resources in the automotive industry.  Recently, she has retired from corporate America to bring her organization skills to the residents of Montgomery!  She can help with household and office organization and help you unpack and settle in from your recent move.  She is here to teach you the Major Mom Method and have fun doing it!


 This was the best money I’ve spent! It’s amazing what Major Organizers can do in 8 hours! Truly remarkable! 

Robin M.

Montgomery, AL

I am very pleased with Marche and her company. I had a lot of clothes and clutter and was overwhelmed with how toget things organized or having a place for everything. It is especially hard because I have a illness that affects my joints and muscles. All of the moving, bending, etc. can be very hard, I am actually impressed and overwhelmed at having nothing on my floor. Everything is organized perfectly and I can relax in my room finally.

Brandi R.

Montgomery, AL

Amount of Individuals appeared at my home was 2 but worked like 6. They were courteous and professional. I am completely satisfied with the outcome and time it took to complete the job. I highly recommend Major Organizers to anyone who needs help.

Alfred H.

Montgomery, AL

Professional and points you in the right direction to achieve results.

Latif Tariq, Army Dad

I loved my experience, I was in denial about moving so I was living out of my bags for about a month and just couldn’t bring my self to unpack Marche with Major organizers helped me organize and see things with an clear and open mind.

Coreen Quammie, Army Mom