Franchise Owner

Locally Owned & Operated by Organized 4 Life, LLC as an authorized franchisee of Major Organizers.

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Wonderful job. Just what we expected. Made our move much less stressful.

Diane Zellinger
Repeat Client. Denver and Arizona.

Angela presented herself. Warm blue eyes. An assured walk. And a smile louder than the bright yellow sun. It was He that sent her. A stranger. An angel, named “Angel”a. We had never met and were acquaintances only by our 3rd grade sons. I welcomed her with joy as she walked up the driveway. Moments earlier, I had just finished clutching the front doorknob suffering from a bout of one of my bellowing coughs. The Stage 4 colon cancer, the chemotherapy, and the weight loss had taken over my body in just the 3 weeks from my diagnosis 1 month prior. I was weak. We just moved into a 3,000 square foot house that was exhaustingly disorganized from room to room. God knew I needed help, and I was content in not asking anyone. She pristined her shoes after I invited her in. The owner of Major Mom heard of my cancer. She came to share in my troubles, to pray, and to give me support. She immediately surveyed my house…my life, one room to the next. No fuss. No muss. No judgment. They were both direct with love. His presence and His word with clear direction. “Organize and prepare your house, your life, as an offering to me as you did that baptism day 30 years ago. I will renew you and give you strength through your cancer cough. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand as you tell others about my goodness and mercy. I have sent her as my everlasting help during your time of trouble so that you and others may know that you can do all things through Christ Jesus who gives you strength.”