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Shine Magazine

  • Summer 2009 “Does Your Garage Make You Grumble?” by Major Mom
  • Winter 2009 “Home Fit For A King’s Daughter” by Major Mom
  • Summer 2010 “Did You Inherit the “Organizing Gene”? by Major Mom
  • 6th Edition “Take Charge of Your Household” by Major Mom
  • 7th Edition “Beauty and Order” by Major Mom
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Newspapers and Journals

The Denver Post

  • April 1, 2013 “Own Your Stuff So It Won’t Own You” by Joel Warner.
  • Janury 25, 2013 “Time To Declutter And Organize? The Professionals Share Their Secrets” by Claire Martin
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Colorado Springs Gazette

  • December 28, 2009 “Big Help To Bring Order To Your Life” by David Demi-Smith
  • January 12, 2013 “Major Mom Gets The Clutter Out Of Closets” by Linda Navarro
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Denver Business Journal

  • January 22, 2010 – “Major Mom combats major clutter” by Scott Bennet
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Aurora Sentinel

  • February 2014 “Cluttered Closets Aren’t the Problem, You Are.” by Aaron Cole
  • March 31, 2011 – “Chamber Meeting Speaker: Organization is a ‘necessity'” by Brandon Johansson
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The Villager

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Regional Magazines

Colorado Parent

  • August 2009 “Establishing Good Habits” by Courtney Drake-McDonough
  • April 2010 “Free Your Fridge” by Courtney Drake-McDonough
  • July 2010 “Meet Our Contest Winner” by Courtney Drake-McDonough
  • December 2013 “Stay Merry, Mom! 9 Tips for Surviving the Holiday Hustle” by Major Mom
  • January 2014 “5 Steps to Simpler 2014” by Mandy Pinkston
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Douglas County Living

  • July 2009 “At Major Mom We Were Born To Organize” by Mandy Pinkston
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Boulder County Living

Winter 2010 “Living Large in Small Spaces” by Ruthanne Johnson

Search Parker

September 2009 – “Planning Your Organizing Project” by Christa Johanson

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Mission Next: An Inspirational Story

This book includes the Major Mom Story. “Discover a New Mission Monica, an army vet who used to rescue fallen soldiers, now struggles to save herself. Noah, a former marine battling demons and the bottle, can’t hold down a job or a relationship. But with guidance from real-life vets turned successful business leaders and entrepreneurs, they’re about to take their skills from the battlefront to the home front.”

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Heart of a Military Woman

Heart of a Military Woman is a keepsake collection of true stories, touching tributes and emotive poems, celebrating our active and retired service members. Historic, nostalgic and some quite recent, these are written by military members, their families and loved ones, sharing sentiments and pride as only they can. Real stories by real people about real life.

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Branding Basics for Small Business

In Branding Basics for Small Business, marketing expert Maria Ross uses real-life examples to show how organizations of any size can create a winning brand to stand out, delight, and connect with their audiences. She recognizes Angela for her “professional brand”, and refers to Major Mom as a “well oiled machine”!

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