It has been a week..

“It has been a week since the ladies organized my basement. I have been trying to find the words to express my deepest gratitude to both you, and the liberators. Angela, while giving thanks this holiday season I could not help but think of you and the amazing opportunity you gifted my family.

I wanted to let you know that the ladies were an awesome reflection of you and your business.  Angelica and Renee were: professional, warm, tough, honest, fast, efficient, patient, and creative. They were also non- judgmental, they reassured us that our clutter was no problem. They whipped us into shape, and organized our lives. They worked as if they really enjoyed what they do, and it was clear that organizing  is a passion, and not just a job.

Angelica was in charge, decisive,and efficient. I could barely keep up with her. It seems she knew what to do, and did a beautiful job. Also, I can’t move forward without mentioning Renee, she whipped my Husband into shape. She defined his workspace, creating an area just for him, and his things. I witnessed him organize, and throw away things that I have been trying to get him to organize for years;  for that alone she has a friend for life. He is also more involved in keeping the basement tidy. My Son is also proud of having a tidy space to skate with his friends. The first time he saw the completed basement he said, “Wow, the basement looks amazing, and they did such a good job.” My guys have promised me that we will maintain our organized basement, and things are looking great a week later.

We purged a lot of unneeded items, and junk, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Angela, I noticed I am happier that I am not always worried about making time to  get to the basement because it’s already done.  I sleep better at night, and  I am now a believer in the support you provide for Moms. I clearly see the value, and realize that it was some of the best money I have spent leaving me with peace of mind. My entire family had the deepest, sincerest affection for these ladies by the time we were all done with our basement.  Again, I thank you, Angelica and Renee.”

Latasha B.