1. I am so happy about making the transition.

    Transitions can be very hard. I didn’t realize how overwhelming the process of downsizing my life from being a suburban mom to a career and travel focused professional moving downtown would be. I could not have done it without the support of my liberator, Megan. Throughout the process, Megan asked good questions, kept me focused on my goals, was reassuring, and made some really great suggestions…Read More

    Tammy Fernandez, Executive Director, Major Corporation, Denver, CO
  2. The results are amazingly tangible.

    The process was professional, yet tailored to my style, and FUN! The results are amazingly tangible. My living and work areas are finally the joyful place I want them to be. Major Mom saved my sanity, eliminated the emotional burdens of clutter and taught me the practical guidelines to best organize my environment for life.…Read More

    Barry Price, BPriceless, LLC, Colorado
  3. Call Major Mom now and the payoff will be huge!

    As a busy business owner working from a home-based office and as a mom of 4, people always tell me how organized I am. However, I do not feel organized. After all people were not looking in my closets, storage room or at how my business functioned from a process standpoint. Major mom came to my house and identified my most critical areas which were my closet, my office, my book shelves and my stor…Read More

    Michele Reynolds,Founder of Access365.com, Greely, CO
  4. Major Mom has made me very happy.

    Major Mom has made me very happy. My clothes closet had been bothering me for many years and I really was not sure what to do about it. Major Mom came in, did a thorough evaluation of my needs, created a plan and we implemented it that day! My organizer helped me reconfigure the closet and move furniture out to my shed. She gave me advice about decorating and future projects. My home is more peace…Read More

    Richard Pendelton, Colorado
  5. Positively impact the world around us.

    Angela is a valued mediator and planner assisting our family in building a co-operative/collaborative model. She has the ability to tap into the individual heartbeat of our family and each one of our individual members to identify the apparent weaknesses and draw out each of our strengths. What is resulting is the ability to build a strong, cohesive, synergistic base within our family unit to enab…Read More

    William, Canada (Virtual Organizing Client)
  6. Words just cannot express how thankful I am.

    I was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and even embarrassed because of the way my house looked. I am a single mom with a teenage daughter, a crazy-hectic schedule between the two of us, and difficult-to-use, 820 square feet of townhouse that just didn't feel big enough. I chose to call Major Mom because I was done. Years ago, I could stay up all night in a cleaning frenzy and get things looking qui…Read More

    Deborah, Arvada, CO
  7. A true pleasure to work with.

    Angela helped me organize my office/writing room. In doing so, she made a space for my art and craft supplies. I'd never seen them all in one place and had never acknowledged that part of my creativity. By creating space for the tools, Angela helped create a space for my creativity, for me to claim the artist in me. I have since been drawing and creating collages and adding to my very well-organiz…Read More

    Carol McAnally, Owner, Rhythm of Life and author of e-rhythms: Weekly Tips for Conscious Living, Denver, CO
  8. Really helped me to put things in the right places.

    I chose to work with Major Mom because I just felt like I couldn't get control of the closets in my house. They were cluttered with toys, clothes, nick-nacks and keepsakes and I just couldn't figure out what to do with them. Cathy Thompson really helped me to put things in the right places and establish better flow.…Read More

    Darcy Lambrecht, stay-at-home mom, Colorado Springs, CO
  9. Incredible process!

    From the first introductory meeting to the thorough follow-up after the organizing time, Major Mom was professional and easy to work with. The plan that Major Mom created after our first meeting fit me like a glove. I am very visual and have an infinity for sports and competition. Angela and her crew transformed my office environment to be fun and visually stimulating. I even have a system for my …Read More

    David Gardner, ADD air Sales & Marketing Agency, Greenwood Village, CO
  10. Mission Accomplished!

    As a new small business owner, I needed to find a space and place in my home to create an office. Angelia Archuletta was a HUGE support in creating my office space. She listened intently to my needs and goals. We created an office in a guest bedroom adjacent to my workout studio. She helped me clean out the room and closet, reorganize it and create the right "feel". I really enjoyed working with A…Read More

    Gretchen Kadillak, Owner, A Powerful You! Wellness Consulting, Aurora, CO