12 Liberating Days of Christmas

Ah, yes! Is it time for a pre-Christmas discard and donate session?

Sing our version out loud---

On the twelfth day of Christmas my Liberators found for me...

12 pairs of scissors,

11 rolls of tape,

10 pounds of papers,

9 cell phone chargers,

8 lids to nothing,

7 buttons to something,

6 open cinnamons,

5 unused gift cards! (sing this one really loud)

4 unopened gadgets,

3 bins of cords,

2 floppy disks,

And boxes of photos I haven't seen in years!

Would you like to enjoy your Christmas in a peaceful, organized home this year? It is not too late! The Major Mom Liberators can get the job done in hours instead of weeks or months! If you need a little maintenance or a new room set up before the family arrives we are here to get the job done! Check out our service packages on our website. You may not need help but you may want to buy the gift of peace for a friend or family member. Bless them with our organizing services.


  • Christmas Prayers: Every year, many of our clients pray that they will not get lots of stuff for Christmas. Instead, they long for special experiences and spending quality time with loved ones. (So do their kids!)
  • Gracious Thoughts: Lots of our clients started giving "no clutter" gifts. They truly thought about the burden many people feel when there is too much stuff in their homes. See our blog for a "No Clutter Gifts" list.
  • Loving Words: Many of our clients and employees would rather hear kind words from their spouses and children than receive gifts. Kind words soften hearts. Create a new tradition to share loving stories about each other instead of spending too much money on stuff.