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Our Mission & Method

Our Mission

Raise up an army of Liberators to restore order to the world, one household at a time.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Professional Organizers?

Major Organizers is proud to be a leader in organization services. Our Major Organizers Liberators are highly-trained professional organizers that have completed a rigorous training academy, background check, aptitude test and personality tests. Our professional organizers will help transform your home or office from chaos to tranquility using the latest decluttering techniques. We’ll also work with you to create effective organizational strategies so you can live in a clutter free and productive environment moving forward. Our personal organizers specialize in residential organizing, office organizing and paper management, virtual organizing and more. If you’re ready to get organized, browse our package pricing online and schedule an appointment with Major Organizers today!

The Major Mom Method™ – How We Do What We Do

All service packages include

Major Organizers uses a three-phased approach to organizing your stuff, your papers, your data and your time. Each client is treated as an individual with unique needs, values and goals. Our solutions are customized, achievable and sustainable.

PHASE ONE: Picture It

A person without a vision usually makes many mistakes along the organizing journey. We help you to visualize how the space or room would best serve your current and future needs. We get a good picture of what currently works well and what does not work well and why. We determine which systems will need to be created to sustain your vision.


We create a space plan and an action plan. A space plan helps distinguish zones within a room and gets the big items in place first. An action plan details what areas/rooms will be worked on and in what order, who will do what, when everyone will do it and what supplies are needed.

PHASE THREE: Proceed With S.T.E.P.S.

It is time to take action! We follow these steps in order.

  • S – SORT Into Categories — place like items together
  • T – TREASURE What Counts — determine what stays and goes
  • E – ESTABLISH Homes and Systems — decide where things live & the flow of items
  • P – PLAN Your Container Strategy — select and utilize appropriate containers
  • S – START New Habits — implement your new systems

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