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"The Organizers really.."

The organizers really know what they are doing --- and they never seem to stop to rest. Great help to me - would highly recommend the wherever you need help getting organized.

Al C.

"Well here we are 9 years after.."

Well, here we are 9 years after meeting Angela, Mandy, and their team.

I thought we’d get organized once – but now we are in a different season of life and we wanted to clear out basement clutter before our children have to do it! It always begins with us thinking that we could do this on our own – however we just don’t do it. The Liberators make it fun and the job really gets done! Major Organizers are who I always use -and refer them to my clients as well. Worth every dime for the results and piece of mind I get.

Pamela M, Realtor, Centennial CO,


  • Team differs each time but is hard working
  • Gave me a functioning guest bedroom bu rearranging the furniture – amazing!
  • Assisted me in going through several generations of family photographs which was a formidable task I was unwilling and unable to tackle by myself. They were encouraging and this was needed! This was a job I did not want to leave for my children as my parents left to me.

Centennial, CO

"I cannot say enough…"

I cannot say enough about Major Organizers. Melissa and her liberators, Joan and Jessica, came in to help me create a functional kitchen and ended up doing so much more! (I also had the pleasure of working with Angela, the original and founding Major Mom!) We reviewed the kitchen, discussed my pain points and then they asked to look at other areas downstairs. Why? Because the wheels were turning on ways to create a better overall system for me and my family.

These ladies quickly came up with what they called a “space plan”. Post it notes were placed everywhere to show me the vision. After a few tweaks at my request, the work began. We sorted…keep, donate, etc…

My kitchen cabinets and pantries (one small, one larger) became organized and functional. Much of what had been crammed and piled into those spaces found new (organized) homes in other rooms. Jessica set the pantries up in a way I would never have thought of on my own, yet it makes SO much more sense. Melissa turned the cabinet over the coffee pot into a “hot beverage” station that we love!

A junk closet under the stairs became the “Costco” closet, mainly for the bulk items, but Melissa also created a dedicated mom/dad “drop-space”- a place just for our keys, phones, wallets, mail, etc… this is a huge help as we always had those things strewn all over the countertops. Now they are out of sight, while still easily accessible.

Joan turned my overrun laundry room into a space so nice I have caught myself hanging out in there 😉

Everything came together beautifully. The keep items were put into place, the post-it notes were replaced with labels, they cleaned up and even hauled away the donate items!

Melissa and her team were professional, timely and fun! They listened to my needs and left me with a functional system that my family can sustain. I will definitely hire Major Organizers again.

Tracey C, Working Mom

"Just walked in.."

Just walked in the door and everything looks amazing!! The kitchen is awesome!! Deanna, Kara, and Lawrence have lifted a big weight off my back and I am very grateful!!! It feels wonderful to walk in the house and feel such a sense of peace. Looking forward to finishing it before Christmas! Deanna, you are my house angel! Thanks for your prayers, patience and hard work!!! I feel very blessed that you got me to this point!! Hurray!!

Liberated Client, Thornton, CO

"Janet and Joan.."

Janet and Joan were absolutely wonderful! Excellent at ideas, sorting, and helpful. I definitely feel liberated. They were very personable, caring, and great at organizing. I am so grateful to have their help!

Jenny A. Lakewood, CO, Accounting Clerk

"Deanna and her team.."

Deanna and her team really helped to transform our home into a more organized and enjoyable space. My husband and I work full time, and have two active kids. For many years I’ve had the best of intentions of getting the clutter under control, but even thinking about the process was exhausting. And, quite frankly, I didn’t even know where to start; the process seemed overwhelming. Out of desperation one day, I did a web search and found Major Organizers. I started with a small package—just to see how it would go. Well, I really felt comfortable with the team who came to help me, and I quickly booked additional appointments, to help with additional areas of my home. We’ve now done my closet, a guest room with bathroom (that we could hardly even enter!), my daughter’s room, our children’s study (former playroom, which was a disaster), the kitchen, and the entire basement including storage room, bar area, storage closets. I now get so much joy out of just looking at how well organized our storage areas are! At first, I was hesitant to spend the money, but I realize now that with a very busy career, and wanting to maximize what time I have with my kids, that Major Organizers was the way to go. And I feel so much better mentally; it’s like a weight has been lifted! I will continue to use Major Organizers, and am trying to convince my husband that they could help us with the garage. Feeling very blessed and grateful!!

Tamara S. Lone Tree, CO

"I was surprised.."

I was surprised by the organizing process — makes it easy to make decisions. Definitely recommend.

Nancy, Cherry Hills Village, CO, Downsizing Client

"I had the fortunate.."

I had the fortunate experience of working with Lawrence. Mrs. Lawrence and I were tested with organizing our home before my wife Nancy was to get out of the hospital. I was informed my wife was to come home on a Friday morning. I called Trisha at 0800 hours. Prior to that I left a message of the help I needed. Upon my call I was told that Lawrence was already on her way. Great service, quality job done. Good experiences.

Robert B. Boulder, CO

"The Liberators…"

“The Liberators arrived exactly at their starting time and worked straight through the session with no stopping. I was amazed that they could successfully sort my “stuff” so well and leave it so easy to find everything when finished. It is inspiring. It makes us want to “keep” going where they left off and move right on through the rest of the house…and garage. They undid years of clutter in just 3 1/2 hours in my Utility room, Kitchen cabinets and Pantry shelves. It was so helpful to get their help knowing “Where to start.” They listened well and worked exactly to our wishes. I had been nervous that my husband would be upset, because he is so sentimental about letting go of things. They were so respectful, and did not force anything upon us that we didn’t already know should be done. I highly recommend their professionalism and character. Many Thanks.”

Jean S.

"We needed.."

We needed to clean out and organize our basement before a basement finishing scheduled, and we had one day to do so.

Our two scheduled “warriors” showed up precisely on time. They successfully helped us negotiate a move and major reorganization of everything located in the basement. The move to the garage was truly a work of art. The best part was we had about 1 carload plus of things we were needing to give away. These ladies loaded their cars up and hauled our donations away for us.

Mike & Jeanne Centennial, CO

"Emily knows.."

Emily knows her business! She came over and organized a pile of mess we had in the garage. She sorted, marked and grouped like things together. We priced things together during my lunch hour. She finished a little early so she stored some things for me as well as reworked my pantry. We will hire her again!

Debbie Y. Frederick, CO

"I can’t thank Major Organizers enough…"

I can’t thank Major Organizers enough for their work. I relocated here for a job and I chose to pay for movers to unpack my boxes, which was a terrible choice! I was recovering from a serious illness, and so busy with work I didn’t have any time or energy to put all my belongings away. My apartment was completely unlivable and I was so stressed out. When a friend suggested I hire professional organizers to help, I had a light bulb moment. I did some online research and Major Organizers had great reviews, as well as seeming very kind and professional. When Kara and Janet came for my first session, I almost burst into tears because I was so grateful to have help. But it wasn’t just any help. Kara and Janet were so kind and compassionate, incredibly efficient and extremely hard-working. They got my apartment to functional in the first session (which was not a small task), and each session after was just as great. In addition, Kara and Janet also had great suggestions for steps I could take on my own between sessions to move the process along at my own pace.

Setting up a home in a new city, with no friends or family to help and an extremely demanding job is so hard. Hiring Major Organizers was the best choice I made for my health and well-being. I now have a comfy, cozy, extremely livable home. I definitely recommend them and Major Organizers for any project, large or small.

Jennifer B. Lakewood, CO

"I must.."

I must pay to get it done. All business no BS. We got it done waiting to go again will see if I am contacted

Sage B. Boulder, CO

"We needed to.."

  • We needed to clean out and organize our basement before a basement finishing scheduled, and we had one day to do so.

    Our two scheduled “warriors” showed up precisely on time. They successfully helped us negotiate a move and major reorganization of everything located in the basement. The move to the garage was truly a work of art. The best part was we had about 1 carload plus of things we were needing to give away. These ladies loaded their cars up and hauled our donations away for us.

    Mike & Jeanne Centennial, CO

"MOPS Thank you!"

Heidi, Thank you for coming to speak to our group! I know I am inspired to organize. I want that 20% back!

Megan - Faith E-free MOPS

"Kara was wonderful.."

“Kara was wonderful. As a widow of 1 year I let many projects go during my husbands 1 1/2 years of caring for him and year after of grieving. Kara was so professional, wise with organization skills, what to tackle first and how to do it, all the while very compassionate to my grief and embarrassment of my mess. She is an amazing person and I marvel at her handling of my job that needed done!”

A Disorganized Widow Westminster, CO

"I couldn’t believe.."

I couldn't believe how FAST, thorough, and flexible these ladies are with doing the job! What would've taken me days, they achieved in 5 hours!

Marcella S. Colorado

"Kara was amazing!.."

Kara was amazing! She was so incredibly professional yet compassionate about my circumstances as to why my house was in such disarray. I was kind of unsure on what to tackle first, in fact, I almost cancelled from the embarrassment of not knowing how or where to start but she knew exactly how to “Baby Step” me into one project at a time and it was so fun working and learning technique with her, I forgot my embarrassment! Money well spent and I am inspired onto more projects from her wisdom!!! Love you guys!!!!

Widow of 1 Year Westminster, CO

"Everything Major Organizers.."

Everything Major Organizers has done has been wonderful. They move quickly making the time worth the money. They take the time to find out what I think to figure out things that work for me. They help me solve problems that I look at and think are hopeless. I have used them for 2 years and am always delighted with the end result.

Erin E. Centennial, CO

"It has been a week.."

It has been a week since the ladies organized my basement. I have been trying to find the words to express my deepest gratitude to both you, and the liberators. Angela, while giving thanks this holiday season I could not help but think of you and the amazing opportunity you gifted my family.

I wanted to let you know that the ladies were an awesome reflection of you and your business. Angelica and Renee were: professional, warm, tough, honest, fast, efficient, patient, and creative. They were also non- judgmental, they reassured us that our clutter was no problem. They whipped us into shape, and organized our lives. They worked as if they really enjoyed what they do, and it was clear that organizing is a passion, and not just a job.

Angelica was in charge, decisive,and efficient. I could barely keep up with her. It seems she knew what to do, and did a beautiful job. Also, I can’t move forward without mentioning Renee, she whipped my Husband into shape. She defined his workspace, creating an area just for him, and his things. I witnessed him organize, and throw away things that I have been trying to get him to organize for years; for that alone she has a friend for life. He is also more involved in keeping the basement tidy. My Son is also proud of having a tidy space to skate with his friends. The first time he saw the completed basement he said, “Wow, the basement looks amazing, and they did such a good job.” My guys have promised me that we will maintain our organized basement, and things are looking great a week later.

We purged a lot of unneeded items, and junk, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Angela, I noticed I am happier that I am not always worried about making time to get to the basement because it’s already done. I sleep better at night, and I am now a believer in the support you provide for Moms. I clearly see the value, and realize that it was some of the best money I have spent leaving me with peace of mind. My entire family had the deepest, sincerest affection for these ladies by the time we were all done with our basement. Again, I thank you, Angelica and Renee.

Latasha B.

"My experience with Major.."

My experience with Major Organizers team of Trisha and Angelica was terrific. I needed to sort through and close out a 5 x 10 fully packed storage unit. I could not have done it without them. I wanted to do it carefully and responsibly, determine what was important to keep for the family and what could be sold, donated or recycled. The team did the heavy lifting and guided me through a process that was manageable for me (77 years old) and worked perfectly.

I will and have referred them to others.

Thank you.

DeAnne S.

"I’m a little late.."

I’m a little late in giving a review. You guys came in December but I just wanted to give a wonderful review to Wendy, Kara, Angelica, and Heidi. They were amazing. Got so much done and the time they were here and it we talked about feeling liberated. I did feel liberated. I still have a lot more to do but they were amazing in every way and very nice people.

Nancy H.

"Heidi showed up.."

Heidi showed up right on time and we got to work deciding what our plan of action would be. She always made sure to check in that we were working on the thing I wanted to get done. She was tough on me when I asked her to be and really gave us a different way to look at the space we have. The best part is that everything we purged she took with her so there was no second guessing!

Heather, Office Manager Firestone, CO

"Mandi and Janet.."

  • Mandi and Janet transformed my storage room and it is now a beautiful organized space. I can find things and a LOT of stuff was purged. Oh wow it was a very freeing experience! I was so motivated by the process that cleaned and purged my library and daily I clean on surface in the house – a table or counter top, a nightstand,. My home is getting cleaned, purged and in order. Thank you Major Organizers!

    Gerri K. Lafayette, CO

"Renee arrived.."

Renee arrived on time. Although consulted me several times she was not intrusive and I appreciated her suggestions. She worked consistently for the entire four hours. I’m very pleased with her work and I would welcome her back for more organizing assistance.

Margaret M.

Lafyette, CO

"Melanie Was Truly Amazing"

My husband and I were downsizing from a very large home to a much smaller one. Everything that didn’t fit into the smaller house ended up in the garage. After several months of trying to make ways to empty the many boxes and make space, I just couldn’t motivate myself to even go into the garage.

Calling Melanie with Major Organizers was the best thing I have done in years. She came out and created a plan of action. Melanie was truly amazing and her storage ideas helped me keep some of the items I truly wanted to keep but just couldn’t find the room or space for. Melanie was great to work with. She was kind, motivating and her organizational skills were excellent. Having Melanie not only provided me with my garage being used for our cars (instead of boxes), more so she gave me peace of mind. I am so happy I called Major Organizers and am grateful for Melanie and her expertise. I can truly say this was the best thing I have done for myself in years. THANK YOU MAJOR ORGANIZERS.11

Monika, Ohio

"Benefited so much"

You girls were great! We really benefited from having someone help us set up the best environment for us to be successful and have another eye on our house! Thanks so much!

Chase F. Gilbert, AZ

"Fast, thorough, & flexible"

I couldn't believe how FAST, thorough, and flexible these ladies are with doing the job! They are soon good that I bought another big package!

Relieved Overworked Mom, Colorado

"Fell back in love with our house"

We fell back in love with our house. We solved our problems and improved areas of the house we never considered.

Marci M. Arvada, CO

"Great to work with"

Jessica was absolutely wonderful. She was great to work with and with her help and love of organizing, we set up my kitchen perfectly. She made suggestions of where something could go, if I liked the idea we did it. If it didn't work with my lifestyle, she thought of another solution. Thanks so much!!

Amber H. Aurora, CO

"Such a difference in living"

I've been liberated! Has made such a difference in the way we live. Absolutely worthwhile and life changing! Makes cleaning so much easier. Everything has a home. Sarah was awesome to work with and kept me motivated from start to finish!

Theresa S. Littleton, CO

"Money well spent"

My office was a jumbled mess! Cathy arrived to save the day. She not only helped me organize the space but she helped teach me how to use the space, what to keep, what to shred or toss, and when. She was inspiring with her disciplined approach to helping me solve my problem. Money well spent!

Cindy J. Colorado Springs

"Glad I hired Major Organizers"

I craft and sewing room was so overwhelming I could not face it! I was a little stressed during the first day, but so thrilled and excited to be able to have my work space back and to be able to find things again! So glad I did something for myself and hired Major Organizers!

PM Racz, Glendale, CO

"Truly transformed"

  • My basement, garage and all my closets were organized and truly transformed. I am so grateful for a completely organized and simplified home. It is something I would never have accomplished on my own.…

    Very Satisfied Client, Colorado

"Gave great suggestions!"

Kara Gonzalez was excellent! She was on time, helpful, and gave great suggestions. She organized my house perfectly.

Eileen B. Littleton, CO

"Reclaimed a part of my home"

I was thrilled to find out this was even a possibility! Sarah has been fun, patient, and kind, yet diligent in her work to organize my life and help me "reclaim" a part of my home. I look forward to continuing to work with her to keep things under control! Thanks!

Rhonda, Littleton, CO

"So grateful to Cathy & Major Organizers"

Cathy patiently and painstakingly helped us sort through decades of clutter to help us find/determine what was truly important & needed a place in our new, smarter home. We have space in our home now. Every nook & cranny is no longer stuffed full. Cathy worked tirelessly through every session, even after we were worn out! We’re so grateful to Cathy & Major organizers and we love our house!

Jennifer W. Castle Rock, CO

"Couldn’t have possibly been happier"

I could not have possibly been happier, I actually almost cried tears of joy when I saw everything they did to help me. I’ve already recommended you all to about 7 people. Thank you for helping me get my life and home in order.

M. Pleasant, Denver, CO

"Timely, organized & respectful"

Timely, organized & respectful

The liberators were timely, organized, and respectful. They did not judge my messy house but instead showed us opportunities on how to organize. Not only did they impact my current house, but I will take the knowledge learned and apply to future households. I greatly enjoyed that they took the time to learn about my family and needs, and allowed me to take part in the organizing. I would highly consider hiring them again when I move to a large household! I will also be recommending them to all my friends and coworkers!

Ingrid, Tempe, AZ

"New goals"

My tasks for Nicole and Hansa were very challenging. I had years of “valuable” sentimental papers and pictures. With only descriptions of my family members, the Team sorted everything out by grandchild, filed and updated business papers and sorted over (I think!!) 3,000 pictures! Now I have new goals and am excited to start building my legacy heritage specific to each grandchild. Thanks to Nicole and Hansa!

Lynda, Litchfield Park

"More & more wonderful"

Wonderful Wendy just keeps getting more wonderful. My big walk in closet actually has a floor. My clothes are organized by type and color and there are labeled rings around the rods like a department store. Wendy has a great since of humor and very creative ideas.

Kathryn Halpin, Denver, CO

"Absolute angels"

These ladies were absolute angels! They took care of unpacking and organizing my home with such personal care. I would use them again in a minute and highly recommend them to anyone!

  • Melissa Abbott

"Exceptional, professional & on time"

Christina Morton and her team are exceptional, professional, on-time and lovely ladies to work with. Christina communicated frequently, understood what I was looking for and needed minimal input from me and my family. The team even made suggestions regarding placement of furniture or storage of items that were a better fit or more efficient – and then moved the furniture too! I have worked with Christina’s team twice now to move in and out of two different homes and had a pleasant and stress-free experience in each instance. These were week-long engagements and each time Christina accurately estimated the time and the number of people it would take and finished right on the nose. We’re a family of five moving into 4 bedroom home and her team put away and organized EVERY SINGLE ROOM, CLOSET, PANTRY, GARAGE in four days. FOUR DAYS!!!! Amazing, professional, pleasant, cost-effective. You won’t regret it.

E. Irvin

"Very organized & tidy"

  • Working with Major Organizers on our basement storage project was a very positive experience. Wendy helped us every step of the way and now our basement storage areas are very organized and tidy. We completed the project in the time she estimated, and she clearly had the expertise we needed to get the job done. We would defiantly like to work with Major Organizer again to organize other parts of our house.

    R. McCarty, Westminster, CO

"Very comfortable & gave me more motivation"

The experience with Major Organizers was very comfortable and I got more motivated as I started to see results. We found items I thought I had thrown away or only dreamed I had purchased! It feels wonderful to have a clean and organized craft room again!

OCD Crafter, Boulder, CO

"Enormous help from Wendy"

At first I was hesitant to hire someone to help me organize my belongings, but I was soon put to ease by the enormous help that Wendy Ahrens was to me. She showed me what has to be done, patiently & with consideration for my feelings, as we sorted through each item that needed to be categorized. I plan to see Wendy again very soon.

Florence Van Bebber, Littleton, CO

"Extremely helpful"

Without the help of Major Organizers there is no way I could have ever gotten my room in order. One of the best decisions I've made this year. Extremely helpful after the messy move.

Nicole I.

"Wonderful to work with"

Joan and Janet were wonderful to work with. They have literally improved our family’s quality of life! I am no longer overwhelmed, frustrated, or anxious about the job of organizing my children’s outgrown toys & clothes, or my husband’s garage things. We have already recommended Major Mom to our family and friends and would not hesitate to hire their amazing hep again!

A happy client in Parker, CO

"The space is so much better!"

It was a pleasure to work with Emily. I was feeling overwhelmed and had to put off starting to unpack my craft room after our move. I had not had good organization before I moved so the thought of trying again was daunting. Emily went right to work, asking great questions and creating a plan with me. A few hours of working with her the space was so much better, organized, and inviting. THANKS!

Debbie Young, Frederick, CO

"Enjoyed working with Cathy & Jessica"

This is one of several large projects for which Cathy and Jessica assisted. 1 year ago they organized and moved my office from my home to an office building. The move and organization greatly increased productivity. This time they organized and moved my business to a larger space because of the growth over the last year. My 2 employees and I enjoyed working with Cathy and Jessica and are able to work very efficiently in our new, organized office. Cathy also helped me organize my home to care for 3 foster children while maintaining a busy work schedule.

Tonia, Aurora, CO

"Great to work with & with a smile on their faces!"

Janet, Samantha, Renee, and Wendy did an excellent job. They were great to work with and did it all with a smile on their face. The condo does look like a home now. I thank Major Mom big time for helping me with a complete disaster!

Beth Biegert Denver, CO

"More functional"

After my mom passed away, I received all of her things, and I had placed them in the back of my garage. I would go out to the garage every now and then and pick up one item, but I felt so overwhelmed I had no idea where to start on getting these items organized. That’s when I contacted Major Mom. I worked with Ange. She came over (on a cold snowy day) and got right to work, she knew exactly what to do. At first we took all the stuff and laid everything out. We then decided what to keep, She was able to help choose and purchase bins that fit the space perfectly. As I was sorting through the stuff, I felt no pressure or judgement if I wanted to keep something, we just found a better way to store it. Everything was clearly labeled in the bin and I know exactly what is in the bin and where to find it. The items that I wanted to donate, Ange took them to a donation place for me, so I didn’t have to make a trip later. After this, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and then I asked Ange if she wanted to come back and help with my storage space. In that space was all my scrap-booking stuff. I am happy to say after Ange came and organized, I started scrap-booking again, and almost finished an album, because I can find everything and can access it quickly. Ange came back again and helped with the master bedroom, office and kitchen. All are organized and the spaces are more functional. Ange works very quickly and efficiently. She has much experience and I would highly recommend Major Mom.

Bri C. Colorado

"Quick, experienced & successful organization"

Awesome job! Quick, experienced, and successful organization of my garage insanity! Thank you for making my next move easier!


"Amazed at her expertise"

  • I recently did a series of projects with Major Organizer and had a great experience. We spent about 20 hours together and in that time organized my kitchen, utility closet, garage, children’s bedrooms, craft closet, and basement. We managed to get to almost every space in my house that needed to be organized! I worked with Kara Gonzalez and really enjoyed her. I am a person who has an easy time letting belongings go and I also periodically organize my spaces on my own. So, I was a little skeptical that I needed any help at all. But, I’m so glad I gave them a try. I worked together with Kara on the project (as opposed to having her do it herself without me) and I was amazed at how her expertise was able to take my skills to the next level. It’s been many months since we first started and every space is exactly as organized as it was the day we first did it.

    Allura H. Denver, CO

"So polite, professional & passionate!"

I had an empowering day with Wendy! She was so polite, professional, and passionate. We set goals, worked through them and accomplished what I have been avoiding for moths and years. In the end, I had a “homework” list for me to continue our efforts and had a huge pile to donate. I can function now in spaces that I enjoy being in. I would highly recommend Wendy to all my friends & family. I will be contacting her in the future for a new project. Thank you!

Charlene C. Parker, CO

"Completely restructured office – flows better!"

This could be a coincidence, but the month Major Organizers came in and completely restructured our office to flow better, was a record-breaking month for us in 5 years of business.

Polly L. Glendale, CO

"Amazing group of women"

I'm so grateful to Linda and her team for all they did. Amazing group of women; very compassionate, dedicated and efficient. I highly recommend them.

Mary E. Parker, CO

"Well worth the money"

Well worth the money to be ready for the move!

Client in Cherry Creek North Denver, CO

"Worth every penny!"

I loved it and my husband even said it was worth every penny! Loved Wendy! She is the best!

Now A Happy Housewife Lowry, CO.

"More functional & manageable"

Our home is more functional and definitely more manageable by all. Our family is enjoying the refreshed look and feel of our home. Many thanks to everyone on our project for getting us to where we can enjoy and relax in our space knowing what we have and where it is. Less is more! It truly is liberating!

Terra Dick Denver, CO. Mom of 2.

"So happy with the results"

Bethany, Cathy, Nicole and Michelle are wonderful!!!! I am so happy with the results. They saved my life….literally. We moved from Michigan to Colorado and the task of unpacking and putting things away were too much for us….especially with the altitude change. Bethany and her team came in and did everything….they made our house a home. Thank you so much for all you did to make our lives easier and better. You are always welcome in our home — for a visit — not to work.

Happy in the Rockies!!!! Conifer, CO.

"I have my sewing room back"

Thank you Major Organizer. I have my sewing room back.

T. Smith Castle Rock, CO. Mother Extraordinaire.

"Great to work with"

Jessica was absolutely wonderful. She was great to work with and with her help and love of organizing, we set up my kitchen perfectly. She made suggestions of where something could go, if I liked the idea we did it. If it didn't work with my lifestyle, she thought of another solution. Thanks so much!!

Amber H. Aurora, CO. Military.

"We know where everything is now!"

  • Our storage room was disorganized and filled with things we moved from another house 16 years ago. With Major Mom's help, we can walk into the storage room and know where everything is. Thank you!

    S. Sloane Englewood, CO.

"Very creative ideas"

Wonderful Wendy just keeps getting more wonderful. My big walk-in closet actually has a floor. My clothes are organized by type and color and there are labeled rings around the rods like a department store. Wendy has a great since of humor and very creative ideas.

Kathryn Halpin Denver, CO. Interior Designer.

"Timely, organized & respectful"

The liberators were timely, organized, and respectful. They did not judge my messy house but instead showed us opportunities on how to organize. Not only did they impact my current house, but I will take the knowledge learned and apply to future households. I greatly enjoyed that they took the time to learn about my family and needs, and allowed me to take part in the organizing. I would highly consider hiring them again when I move to a large household! I will also be recommending them to all my friends and coworkers!

Ingrid J. Tempe, AZ. Registered Nurse.

"Amazing organizing experience"

Wendy, what an amazing organizing experience! My life has changed. The time you spent was so valuable. I couldn't be happier! Everything is in its place, is easy to keep up and looks fabulous! Thank you so much…will refer you to everyone!

Diane Marihew, Coldwell Banker

"Helped our family get organized"

Amanda did an amazing job!! She helped our family get organized in March and I am happy to say it has stayed the same since then!!! My whole reason behind getting organized is to have dinner parties and invite people over and not be ashamed, and I am happy to report we have had MANY parties since then!!! No more stashing and dashing for us, everything has its proper home and my kids (and husband 😉 know where it goes!!! Thank you Major Organizers!!

Shannon C., Busy Mom Colorado Springs, CO

"Answer to Our Prayers"

Angela, You and your team have been an answer to prayer! Our family couldn’t “see” how to re-purpose and reclaim some spaces in our home. Mandy was gracious and kind when she came to look and our home and the dilemmas we were facing. She brought in the team and we were presented with ideas and solutions that were absolutely PERFECT for the workings of our family. In just over a day – your team guided, prodded, directed AND worked HARD, and we transformed FIVE rooms in our home. We look forward to tackling some other areas…like the garage and the storage room now that we know how DOABLE it is – with your help! Thank you again. Your team’s passion and “calling” are evident.

Pamela Meyer Centennial, CO

"So Pleasant"

I never pictured myself hiring a professional organizer; however, after years of struggle, I was deeply convinced that I needed to call in the “troops” after listening to one of Angela’s deeply inspiring podcasts. She had said something in the podcast along the lines of….you can organize all day but if you don’t have well organized systems in place you will quickly find yourself right back at square one in no time. That was a cycle I had been living out for years and was completely exhausted by the process. I have always struggled with organization. It is important to me to have peaceful surroundings, but achieving that does not come naturally to me. I’ve read so many books on organization but to no lasting success. Each book helped me in one way or another, but after meeting with Angela of Major Organizers I realized that I needed something more, I needed sustainable systems created by people who are gifted at the skill of organization. I was very apprehensive about what to expect. I imagined the process could very well turn out to be quite unpleasant. Visions of strangers forcing me to throw everything away crossed my mind a time or two. It is funny to think about that now because that is not at all what happened. I feel so blessed to have had Megan as my organizer. She made the process so pleasant. She came to the job with such an upbeat energy that made the process fun. As things started to come together, it just kept getting more and more exciting, actually exhilarating!!! I got so much more than I ever bargained for. Angela had recommended that I check out the website to review everything that the organizers do. Being quite unorganized, I never got to it before Megan and D’Nae showed up the first day. We did a thorough interview so they could understand my goals and vision and then they hopped to starting on my basement. They had me come down to see the work and I was floored that they had rearranged my furniture. I never dreamed that would be a part of the process and it turns out that it was and is likely my favorite part of the whole process. Megan has a strong eye for design, flow, beauty and she was able to transform a room by rearranging not only pieces in that room, but there were several instances where she took things from one room to another and the result was stunning. There were several pieces of art and some furniture that I was on the fence about donating but after she swapped things around those very pieces have now become favorites. It is unbelievable. Not only am I so blessed to have had Major Organizers transform my current space into an absolute sanctuary, but they taught me a skill I will be able to use the rest of my life. After watching them in action and working alongside, I was able to take my own storage room from a near disaster to something that is actually beautiful to my eyes. I walk in there and smile now. My husband is smiling to. He is so happy with the result and my new upkeep skills that he cannot stop smiling. It has brought a lot of joy and shifted the energy within our home for the better. Another issue I needed to face….paper. Paper was a huge problem for me. D’Nae did a smashing good job creating systems in my office. She sorted the office into like groupings in record speed and Megan and D’Nae taught me how to quickly go through the papers and then what to do with them so they don’t get out of control. I’m not scared of paper anymore, WOW!!! I felt so bogged down before, just the thought of having to look through paper clutter weighed me down tremendously. Yea!!! I really believe this is the catalyst for a whole new life. I am finding I now have so much more time on my hands. So much more time for people instead of managing “things”,”stuff”. What a drag that was. I am enjoying all the get togethers I have been able to plan. I continue to be shocked at all the spontaneous visits with friends and neighbors and play times with my kiddos that have happened after getting organized that I just simply did not seem to have the time for before. It has definitely cut my home maintenance down by a good 40%. I am so glad that I underwent this process now instead of later after learning what a HUGE time sucker clutter is. I could go on and on, but I will close with how happy I was that the process was full of respect. There was no shaming, only an attitude of support. Megan was amazing at tapping into my personality and how things would best work for me. She is a quick study and TRULY GIFTED. I am speaking with a dear friend right now about flying Megan out to work with her. I know there are a ton of organizers on the East Coast but Major Mom’s system is truly supportive and a pleasure to maintain and my experience with Megan is that she brings something very unique to the table and like I said is truly gifted. Thank you Megan and Major Mom for a truly liberating and life changing experience. The tears are welling up in my eyes. I am forever grateful!!!!

Liberated Mom of Two Young Children Parker, Colorado

"Helped unpack and gave ideas for organization!"

I just moved to Colorado with my husband and two small boys. I began to feel overwhelmed as I tried to unpack, put a new home in order, and chase a one and two year old. I’m so glad I found Major Organizers to help me! They alleviated my stress as they helped unpack and gave me ideas for organization and systems and helped implement them. They were a lifesaver! I really enjoyed working with Mandy and Jill and appreciate all they did.

Michelle, Mom of 2 Littleton, CO

"On time, courteous & respectful"

I chose to call Major Organizers because my space was getting out of control and I knew I would never organize it on my own. My organizer was on time, courteous, respectful, and extremely helpful. My space looks amazing and very useful. I am glad I called Major Organizers

Darcy, Mom of 2 Parker, Colorado

"I am thrilled!"

Major Mom saved my career, my family and my sanity. I was drowning in my disorganized office, and could not produce the work I wanted because I was so inefficient. My home has always been neat and clean on the surface, but one look in the drawers, cabinets and closets would horrify anyone. I had no sense of organization, and did not know where to begin. My kids’ homework, coats, bags, sports equipment, mittens, hats and boots were shoved wherever there was room. Major Mom came in to my home, assessed each room, created a plan, and came back with a team to tackle it. The transformation is INCREDIBLE and they taught me so much. My home has been neat and clean, inside and out, ever since. The system they put in place is priceless and my family could not be more efficient or organized. I am thrilled!

Maura T. Ridder, Host/Producer, Mom's The Word Radio Show, Castle Pines, CO

"I really needed an expert to help organize the kitchen more efficiently."

  • I chose to call Major Mom because I had worked with Mandy in the past and needed her expertise to help re-organize my kitchen. I thought I would be able to do the kitchen myself because we knew what to do, but I really needed an expert to help organize the kitchen more efficiently.

    Kelly Merrick, Mother of 2; full-time paraprofessional at an elementry school, Denver, CO

"She helped prepare our home to show beautifully."

We were moving to a new home after 20 years of accumulated "stuff" in our current home. The kids were grown and gone but their "history" was not. Wendy helped me sort into throw away, donate, send with the kids and keep. She helped prepare our home to show beautifully. Thank you so much

Ryan, Retired, Littleton, CO

"I really appreciate your help!"

Mandy, Thanks again for all of your help with my new office. I love it and so far it is working out great and staying neat! I really appreciate your help! You actually inspired me to set up some very organized systems in other areas of the house. Thanks again!

Katie Ricketts, Denver, CO

"I have nothing to say but good!"

Amanda was amazing. I have nothing to say but good! 10 out of 10.

J.P., Business Owner/Political Analyst, Monument, CO

"An organized home truly creates harmony!"

I was feeling overwhelmed, under pressure and completely helpless about cluttered space, projects that had been abandoned, pets taking up “my area”, and everything had become so unmanageable. I felt paralyzed and tackling the “to dos” and tasks was something I’d been just avoiding. It felt like my home, which should be my comfort zone, my retreat, was swallowing me and I actually started to avoid being home. I chose Major Mom because the concept is just amazing! It’s very difficult to invite a stranger into your home, and I was embarassed and nervous about what to expect, etc. But right from the first phone call, Mandy was comforting, kind, and excited! That got me in a different frame of mind regarding my “mess.” When I met Mandy, she was not at all bothered, or put off when assessing my home. Each time Mandy comes it’s like having your best friend over. I always am left feeling a literal weight off my shoulders! It’s much easier to continue to clean and organize. She gives “homework” so I’m not just “stuck” in between her visits, and I’m just overall in a much more calm, peaceful, happy and lighter mood. An organized home truly creates harmony!

Janette, Mother and student, Denver, CO

"Organizing my office actually helped me organize my business life."

I’ve always had a messy desk. Major Mom doesn’t just clean up – I was surprised at how much more thorough the process was than I had expected. My organizer helped me organize 5 years worth of paperwork in just a couple of days. Organizing my office actually helped me organize my business life.

Anthony Sanchez, Owner, Marketing Visioneer, Parker, Colorado

"Courtney helped me come up with a space plan."

I own an eco-friendly children's boutique, Naturally Loved, in Stapleton. Major Mom came in to do a presentation at the same time I had 189 boxes to unpack and put somewhere in the store. Courtney helped me come up with a space plan that fit all my inventory in my store and organized it all so that it is easy to find.

Alyson Warren, Business Owner, Denver, CO

"Thanks Cathy and Major Mom!"

I chose to call Major Mom because I have four children (ages 3, 4, 5 & 10) and I felt I was always digging out from toys, clothes, and school stuff. We lead busy, fast-paced lives and we had no structure for our living space. Cathy helped me find freedom from our stuff, zone our home, and remember that memories do not live in things! This was the best investment I have made in a very long time. Thanks Cathy and Major Mom!

M. Hull, Professor, Colorado Springs, CO

"I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Angela and her Major Mom team are PHENOMENAL! They made the drudgery of organizing a true pleasure. They had unbelievable organization, a bright positive attitude, and the energy of 10 people. Truly – it was better than a weekend at a spa! It feels so great to be organized – a big weight off my shoulders (as I’m about to have another baby)! I cannot recommend them highly enough, and will use them again FOR SURE!

Kendall, Telluride, CO

"Would recommend her to anyone."

I was overwhelmed moving into my new home and trying to figure out how my new closet would fit my clothes. Mandy came over and we worked together organizing everything--she even helped me weed out items that I no longer used or needed. She was wonderful and would recommend her to anyone (and her company!)

Gerri Morahan, Elementary School Teacher, Greenwood Village, CO

"I am so lucky to have found them."

  • They say there’s no magical action that will make you happy; not running away, getting married, getting divorced, having a child, winning the lottery, or changing jobs. Do it, and you’ll just have a new set of problems. The only way to solve problems is to work them out and that is when I went searching to get organized and found this wonderful company called Major Mom. I am a divorced woman who returned from Arizona to my home town in Colorado to care for my elderly mother. My mother passed away (age 98)! and I was left to clear out her home. Because of emptying out her home, so many items had to be placed in my new apartment. I had boxes in my dining room that reached to the ceiling. I have a full time job, exhausted from caregiving and moving. I would return to my apartment after work and feel so depressed seeing unemptied boxes in the dining room, living room, bedroom, and garage. I was tired of eating off plastic plates and utensils since I could not find my dishes or silverware, but I had no time and I was exhausted. I thought of calling the moving company who moved me to see if they could send someone to help me. I had no idea how to find someone to help. I got on my computer and Googled “how do I get organized in Denver” and found Major Mom and wonderful Wendy Ahrens who organized me and changed my life. Wendy is a vivacious, warm, and caring person who helped me move on with my life and helped me become conscious of what works for me now that I live in a smaller place and what doesn’t work for me anymore. All decisions are totally mine and I totally love all that she did. Now I have time to honor all of my struggles and rejoice in my successes and begin a new life. It feels great and the company Major Mom helped me begin! I could not believe all that Wendy Ahrens along with her helper Ange Archuleta accomplished in such a short period of time. Wendy’s organizing is a masterpiece! I have not changed a thing nor did I have to worry about anything. Wendy, who supervised everything, had incredible ideas and she and Ange worked so hard and so fast. I am so lucky to have found them.

    J Mosier, Administrative Assistant/Investment Firm, Greenwood Village, CO

"It works!"

I have always thought of myself as an organized person. When I heard about Major Moms at my school and applied the process to organizing my office and it worked. I realized I could use help at home. Every summer I plan to “clean-up” our storage area. I realized that I never did it because I did not have a plan, know were to start, and felt overwhelmed. Consequently it did not get done. I decided to hire Major Moms to help. After meeting with our consultant, Mandy, I realized we could make a difference in our house. Mandy took pictures of our storage area so she could make a plan. On the day of our “organizing,” Mandy worked for seven hours at my house. We organized the entire storage area, our pantry, and our garage. There is no way I could have done this without her. Mandy told me what to get ahead of time and I was prepared to work. She had wonderful ideas and was very thoughtful in her approach. Mandy saw things that I did not see and helped me think through what to get rid of and what to keep. She actually helped me sort and organize my Christmas decorations! Mandy took all the discards with her. Once we were done organizing, Mandy labeled all the storage bins and shelves so I will know where things should be stored. I could not have done this without her advice and counsel. I recommend Major Moms to anyone who wants an organized home. It works!

Karen Tarbell, Principal, Cimarron Middle School, Larkspur, CO

"You have changed my life!"

I am writing this email from a dorm room at Mount Holyoke College where I am attending an artist retreat/songwriting workshop. It is my fervent belief that I would not be here right now if I had not made the fateful call to Major Moms a few months ago that ended up changing my life. I was sitting in my “office” area, surrounded by piles of papers and junk mail that day, and it suddenly dawned on me that I would NEVER be good at creating a system for myself that effectively organized my paper clutter. I had tried multiple times, only to re-create files and systems that further confused me and made losing important documents even easier. I was frustrated and felt helpless in the face of my lack of organization. My pile of papers was literally in the way of my piano, my creative outlet. It was then that I found Major Moms online, and met Mandy Pinkston. When Mandy came for my free consultation, she listened with great attentiveness and concern to me as I described my organizational issues. She walked around my entire house and asked me tons of questions. I thought I just needed help filing my papers, but Mandy saw beyond my critical paper problem into the deeper need for me to have a creative space clean and clear of all business paraphernalia. A space that allowed me to create in freedom, unhampered by pressing left-brained matters, and that is exactly what her plan of action detailed out for me. In 3 separate sessions, Mandy and I went to work rearranging my entire basement to accommodate a creative space and a separate office space. Mandy worked doggedly, especially on that last day, to complete all of our filing, moving, sorting, purging, and rearranging. She even found the right desk configuration for me at IKEA and gave me a shopping list! When we were finished, I had gotten so much more than I thought I needed! However, the real test of our labors came when I sat down in my office a few days later and worked away. I felt so empowered because I knew where everything needed to go, and I knew what to do with every piece of paper that I touched! Because of my work with Mandy and Major Moms, I have been able to spend time writing music in my creative space, and I no longer feel like there is a mountain of clutter between me and my craft. I no longer procrastinate the filing and sorting of the family paperwork, and I feel completely different about the way I handle the business side of my life. Thank you, Mandy and Major Moms! You have changed my life!

China Kent, Colorado

"Thank you for giving us our sanity back."

Dear Major Mom, We are so grateful to have met you. Thank you for all that you are doing for us and teaching us, but most of all thank you for giving us our sanity back (whether we realized it was missing or not). Thank you!

Elizabeth, Denver, CO

"Life changing and money well spent."

I chose to call Major Mom because I knew I wanted to be organized, but lacked the skills to do it. It's so frustrating to know something needs to change and have no idea where to start. Megan not only helped get my kids' rooms and playroom organized, but taught me these organizing skills to last a lifetime. It was definitely life changing and money well spent.

Amy Bujarski, Mother of 3 and Tutor, Aurora, CO

"From chaos (and lost papers) to calm."

Angela of Major Mom helped us go from chaos (and lost papers) to calm with our Command and Communication Center. Her outsider’s perspective helped me get “unstuck” and look at our spaces and communication methods in a whole new way. Getting the entire family’s buy-in was essential and was a brilliant idea that has made all the difference in keeping our system functioning.

Courtney M., Mother of Four, Denver, CO

"I am so happy about making the transition."

Transitions can be very hard. I didn’t realize how overwhelming the process of downsizing my life from being a suburban mom to a career and travel focused professional moving downtown would be. I could not have done it without the support of my liberator, Megan. Throughout the process, Megan asked good questions, kept me focused on my goals, was reassuring, and made some really great suggestions! I realized in the process that I was holding on to some stuff that was representative of past relationships in my life that are not useful to me in the future. I am so happy about making the transition and looking forward to the exciting changes ahead.

Tammy Fernandez, Executive Director, Major Corporation, Denver, CO

"The results are amazingly tangible."

The process was professional, yet tailored to my style, and FUN! The results are amazingly tangible. My living and work areas are finally the joyful place I want them to be. Major Mom saved my sanity, eliminated the emotional burdens of clutter and taught me the practical guidelines to best organize my environment for life.

Barry Price, BPriceless, LLC, Colorado

"Call Major Mom now and the payoff will be huge!"

As a busy business owner working from a home-based office and as a mom of 4, people always tell me how organized I am. However, I do not feel organized. After all people were not looking in my closets, storage room or at how my business functioned from a process standpoint. Major mom came to my house and identified my most critical areas which were my closet, my office, my book shelves and my storage rooms. Then we set aside about 6 hours and worked together to sort and organize part of my stuff. At the end of the day, my donate pile was much larger than I anticipated and deciding to part with my stuff was easy with Major Mom’s help and support. After our first organizing day, I am organized, clean and it has been so nice to find what I need in a moment’s notice. I will hire Major Mom for more projects and highly recommend her to others. What I have noticed most is how the vacuum principle has worked in my life in a matter of days. Getting rid of stuff has opened the possibility for new things to come in. In a matter of days, I was gifted things that I could have only imagined and I was offered and secured a brand new business deal worth $7K. Call Major Mom now and the payoff will be huge!

Michele Reynolds,Founder of, Greely, CO

"Major Mom has made me very happy."

Major Mom has made me very happy. My clothes closet had been bothering me for many years and I really was not sure what to do about it. Major Mom came in, did a thorough evaluation of my needs, created a plan and we implemented it that day! My organizer helped me reconfigure the closet and move furniture out to my shed. She gave me advice about decorating and future projects. My home is more peaceful and has a ‘woman’s touch.’ She took away all my donations so I would not have to deal with them. Having her help has been priceless. Their fees are so reasonable–Major Mom charged me a few hundred versus a few thousand!

Richard Pendelton, Colorado

"Positively impact the world around us."

  • Angela is a valued mediator and planner assisting our family in building a co-operative/collaborative model. She has the ability to tap into the individual heartbeat of our family and each one of our individual members to identify the apparent weaknesses and draw out each of our strengths. What is resulting is the ability to build a strong, cohesive, synergistic base within our family unit to enabling us to reconstruct, live more fuller lives and positively impact the world around us.

    William, Canada (Virtual Organizing Client)

"Words just cannot express how thankful I am."

I was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and even embarrassed because of the way my house looked. I am a single mom with a teenage daughter, a crazy-hectic schedule between the two of us, and difficult-to-use, 820 square feet of townhouse that just didn’t feel big enough. I chose to call Major Mom because I was done. Years ago, I could stay up all night in a cleaning frenzy and get things looking quite nice. But now that just isn’t the case. I would think about a list, and even write one, to try to get myself cleaning. However, it just wasn’t working anymore. I had all the intentions, but as soon as I would look in a room or at a counter I lost all my willpower. It took a lot of humility for me to admit that I needed professional help, but I’m so thankful that I finally did. I know now more than ever that God gives each person a different gift on purpose. My gift is teaching. Mandy’s gift is organizing. Mandy didn’t help me clean, she helped me organize in a way that cleaning isn’t so scary and overwhelming anymore. In our initial walk through, she was very good to assess the way that ADD makes it difficult for my daughter and I to organize and keep going. Throughout the process, Mandy was able to see when I was getting overwhelmed and panicky before I even realized it myself. Additionally, as a single mother, I am on a tight budget. Mandy was awesome in finding ways to help me organize that were low-cost, including a steal-of-a-deal she helped me find on Craig’s List. If I had it do again, the only thing I would change is that I would have called Major Mom for help earlier. Words just cannot express how thankful I am for the help, and also the patience that Mandy provided me. God blessed you with a wonderful gift.

Deborah, Arvada, CO

"A true pleasure to work with."

Angela helped me organize my office/writing room. In doing so, she made a space for my art and craft supplies. I’d never seen them all in one place and had never acknowledged that part of my creativity. By creating space for the tools, Angela helped create a space for my creativity, for me to claim the artist in me. I have since been drawing and creating collages and adding to my very well-organized tools. Angela is efficient, demanding (in a good way), intuitive and a true pleasure to work with.

Carol McAnally, Owner, Rhythm of Life and author of e-rhythms: Weekly Tips for Conscious Living, Denver, CO

"Really helped me to put things in the right places."

I chose to work with Major Mom because I just felt like I couldn’t get control of the closets in my house. They were cluttered with toys, clothes, nick-nacks and keepsakes and I just couldn’t figure out what to do with them. Cathy Thompson really helped me to put things in the right places and establish better flow.

Darcy Lambrecht, stay-at-home mom, Colorado Springs, CO

"Incredible process!"

From the first introductory meeting to the thorough follow-up after the organizing time, Major Mom was professional and easy to work with. The plan that Major Mom created after our first meeting fit me like a glove. I am very visual and have an infinity for sports and competition. Angela and her crew transformed my office environment to be fun and visually stimulating. I even have a system for my paper flow that utilizes baseball. This system has made an unbelievable difference for me and my work! I would have never imagined this was possible. Major Mom organizers know all the tricks, and I now know there is a lot to being an expert in the organizing industry. I highly recommend Major Mom for any home situation, a home-based office or even the small business office environment. They will customize the plan and execution around your needs as a client. They bring order and remove chaos or clutter. Give them a call for a meeting if you are reading this. You won’t be sorry. The pay-back afterwards will speak for itself, and you will wish you had called sooner. Good luck to Major Mom as they go national with this incredible process!

David Gardner, ADD air Sales & Marketing Agency, Greenwood Village, CO

"Mission Accomplished!"

As a new small business owner, I needed to find a space and place in my home to create an office. Angelia Archuletta was a HUGE support in creating my office space. She listened intently to my needs and goals. We created an office in a guest bedroom adjacent to my workout studio. She helped me clean out the room and closet, reorganize it and create the right “feel”. I really enjoyed working with Angelia. Not only does she have great organizational ideas, she is also a great “work” partner. She is very focused and detail-oriented. I am thrilled with the result AND amazed at all we were able to accomplish in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend Major Mom services and I feel very grateful for Angelia’s professionalism, creativity, hard word and dedication for my home office goal. Mission Accomplished!

Gretchen Kadillak, Owner, A Powerful You! Wellness Consulting, Aurora, CO

"You are extraordinary."

You ministered to us, today, Angela. You are extraordinary. You are the best. I swear I smile every time I think of you. I will get on my homework! Thank you!

Catherine, Colorado

"They know their work and their stuff."

The Liberators worked really well with me, they always asked for my input and that was helpful. They kept me involved with what they were doing. It was helpful knowing what was going on. They did an awesome job and were a tremendous help! In my kitchen, having their knowledge of where this should go and that should go was great. I love the system they set up for my kitchen. It was a tremendously awesome experience. Both ladies were great and very good and professional. They have very good work ethics. They know their work and their stuff. I was very comfortable with them.

Cindy Archuleta, mother of special needs children, Colorado

"Great peace and rest!"

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful job you did at rearranging and reorganizing our little part of the world! It is so peaceful to have less stuff in our lives! It truly was like a weight lifting off of us as we sold all the extra items at our garage sale following the organizational process! By the way we made back most of the money we invested in the organizing in the first place!! What an incredible blessing to have our neat organized home, peace of mind and most of our investment returned to us! Tim feels energized by the way his home work office turned out. He felt totally overwhelmed by the mountains of paper! The amount that was left after you were done was remarkable! It was significantly reduced and organized into very precise areas. Also the way you divided the office between the personal and the business was genius! Now we can find all our personal info when we need to. The idea you had to permanently move one of his two desks out of the office made the area feel twice as big and with the paper work greatly reduced he doesn’t miss the other desk at all! Tim is now enjoying the nice open clutter free environment and feeling more in control when he’s working from home. Emma’s bedroom and playroom were a huge project with all the little things that 8 year old girls tend to accumulate! That was a lot of work but I was very surprised at how willingly she got rid of many things! I am blown away with how neatly she is keeping her bedroom and play room now! When she has friends over to play she is the one who is making sure that they put everything back in it’s designated place! Wow! She obviously is a lot tidier than I originally thought! Isn’t that good news?! In the beginning you asked me what my main goal was in organizing my home. I answered that I wanted to be able to know exactly where every little thing was. Well, guess what? I do now! Do you know how good that feels? After years of digging for things when I couldn’t remember where they had been stored, it feels fantastic to have control over my home again and know exactly where every little thing is! I believe that this whole process has unlocked something deep within me. I recently accepted a new work position after being at home with my daughter for many years. Getting my house under control seems to have given me the confidence to believe I can conquer other difficult areas in my life. I never would have expected that bonus just from organizing my home! So thank you for all the hard work you did to make my home a neat, clean and clutter free zone where me and my family now find great peace and rest!

Nancy Cassity, Highlands Ranch, CO

"Thanks Major Mom!"

I was feeling very overwhelmed and unmotivated because I was so unorganized. My office/craft/guest room had become what I called the “Junk-collector” room. I felt inundated with papers and my “to be shredded” pile. I couldn’t get into my spare closet without things falling on me. I had no idea where to start and I felt it taking over my life. I even forgot to pay my taxes! I am very organized at work, but parts of my home are the opposite. Because I didn’t know where to start, I just did nothing. I chose to call Dayna Rae at Major Mom because I am in the process of buying a house and I didn’t want to move all the junk again. I had a garage full of stuff I had moved 2 or 3 times and not even ever opened the boxes! I wanted to be ready and organized before my next move, plus now my current house feels like a home again! I love that now I can work in my office without feeling like I should be shredding or sorting something instead. I can sit at my desk and actually see it, and not be embarrassed for my friends to stay over in the room. I love how Dayna Rae put everything in containers with labels- even the little things! And she was able to use some vintage boxes that had meaning to me that previously gone unused. It was a great way to recycle and re-purpose them in a fashionable way! And yesterday, it was so easy to find a gift and card for a birthday present in my “gift” area, without one thing falling on my head in the closet! It felt good giving so much away to people who need it more than I do, and I’ve even made some cash from selling things that have been on my to-do list forever! Working with Dayna Rae has inspired me to clean out other areas of my home and life as well! I am sleeping better and getting things done for the first time in quite awhile! Thanks Major Mom!

Tiffany Yelverton, Long Beach, CA

"I could not have gotten organized without Cathy’s help!"

  • I called Major Mom to help me organize several areas of my home that were very cluttered and unorganized. Cathy did a wonderful job of showing me how to sort and organize my belongings and she also rearranged my furniture in a sightly and easy-to-access manner. I am very glad that I called Major Mom–I could not have gotten organized without Cathy’s help!

    Melissa, Busy Working Single Mother, Colorado

"Our family has found the help that we received from Major Mom invaluable!"

Our family has found the help that we received from Major Mom invaluable! We previously went through a very thorough decluttering in our home however, because our habits and ideas of what would work to keep our home in order didn’t support the decluttering, our home quickly returned to what it was. With a lack of order in our home we have found it difficult to be effective in other areas of our life so we have continued to struggle to find a solution. I was wonderfully surprised with Major Mom’s approach. Using a set of questions, she first found out where my family was at, what we liked in our home, didn’t like, who was doing alot of the work, and what kind of patterns were the driving factors in our home. She has been thorough and very kind in guiding us step by step to reorganizing first how we accomplish the daily work, in a way that also teaches respect, and then how to deal with the clutter. It has been very encouraging and because of the initial time she spent with our family everybody is happy to be on board with the reconstruction that is taking place here.

Cecilia, Canada (Virtual Organizing Client)

"The results are incredible!"

Major Mom marched in my bedroom and assisted moving a large armoire a few feet and removed a large antique radio out of the bedroom into a guest room. She reorganized my grandkids’ playroom and our guest room closet. The results are incredible! Both rooms instantly were transformed into lovely rooms. Angela is a professional, quick thinking, and knows how to make the most of time, energy, and space.

Cindy Gerwatowski, Indiana

"I am enjoying my newly organized home!"

I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my newly organized home! Your skills and expertise have created a tranquil environment for our entire family. It is amazing how much peace-of-mind I get from the organization as well as the systems you have helped us put into place. My daughters have a place for all of their things when they walk in the door thanks to your suggestions. No longer does the kitchen island become the dumping ground for all of their homework, jackets, backpacks, etc. They can easily find their homework assignments and they now have a designated place for doing their work. It is amazing how much it helps to have a place for everything. Now I don’t feel so overwhelmed when I get home from the store, I have a specific location for things. I find that I am a lot more likely to put things away now that I have a specific place to for it. Not only did you help me clean out my closets, pantry, etc., but you also provided me with the systems I need to keep it up. Your advice and wisdom has enabled our family to live a much more peaceful, organized lifestyle. Not only did you help me achieve all of this, but I had a great time doing it!

Connie Wall, Westminster, CO

"I couldn’t have done it without you Angela."

I couldn’t have done it without you Angela. I am so amazed at how much you help me get done in our quarterly tune up sessions!

Merit Gest, Onboarding Specialist, Merit-Based Development, Aurora, CO

"Mandy was really helpful."

Mandy was really helpful. She taught us new skills and techniques that benefit us personally and for our different businesses. Mandy was able to navigate tricky situations with grace and poise. We truly appreciate her help and would recommend her to anyone!

Erik and Rachel Denning, Englewood, CO. Realtor, Mary Kay Consultant, Parents

"Our home looks so much better!"

I called Major Mom because I saw the article about the company in the Denver Post. I was feeling completely overwhelmed by the collection of stuff building up in our house. Ange helped me tremendously. We tackled my biggest projects together and thanks to her, in 10 hours, our home looks so much better! Thank you Ange!

K.B., Mother of 2, Lone Tree, Colorado

"I have more space, more motivation, and more energy."

I have never met anyone more passionate about their job than Wendy. Ever! Organizing my kitchen was fun, easy, and FAST. Now in the aftermath, I am finding my habits have totally changed. In the past, I would put things in piles to “deal with later”. Now I know exactly where to put things; no more messy piles. With everything organized, I have more space, more motivation, and more energy. And tasks take less time and effort!

Sue Kardon, Business Owner/CPR Trainer, Denver, CO

"They created peace out of chaos."

My organizers did in two days what I hadn’t managed to accomplish in three years! They created peace out of chaos. They found things I never knew I had and things I had re-purchased because I couldn’t find the originals. Thank you Cathy & Linda!

Andrea, Self-Employed, Mother of 3, Colorado Springs, CO

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