Make Your Bedroom a Place for Reading, Rest, and Romance

It is not too late to create a romantic bedroom for a nice evening with your spouse. Here are some tips for creating a space where you can read, rest or have some romance:

1) Remove all toys from the bedroom.

2) Make the bed and put away the clean clothes.

3) Remove all the mail, papers and clothes off the the bed, dressers and nightstands. Put them in a few bins to deal with tomorrow.

4) Organizing is a three-phased process - so declutter first with the use of bins and boxes labeled "Donate", "Recycle", "Trash", "Other Room" and "Sort & Organize". Store those bins outside of the bedroom for today. If your room is super cluttered and you do not have bins or boxes handy, then just use trash bags. The process of sorting things in to categories will help the organizing process tomorrow.

5) You can organize everything tomorrow, but today, just focus on decluttering and removing items from the bedroom that do not support a loving environment.

6) Remove all pictures of kids and parents or deceased relatives. Move them to a family photo wall in the heart of the home.