Spring Clearing vs. Spring Cleaning

Major Organizers has a set of Seven Core Values: Family, Community, Results, Order, Spirituality, Integrity, Service. This month we are focusing on what order means to us and what it can mean for you and your family. Orderly homes require a continuous clearing process just like cleaning is a continuous process. However, cleaning does not require tough decisions about what to let go of like clearing does.

When your home is orderly, it’s easier to experience feelings of comfort, joy, peace, and harmony. Living in an organized home gives you the freedom to adapt to life's many unexpected surprises, such as, adult children moving home, ailing parents needing much of your time, and working from home while having your kids schooling from home. All of sudden, many of us are spending more time in our homes than ever before and it quickly becomes evident that many of our homes are not in order.

Why is it that we have all this time, but don't seem to want to clear clutter and organize? Whether it is for a couple of weeks or several months, we need to quickly learn to make this work. We need to restore order from the chaos in our homes.

Our Liberators love to create order and have been offering VIRTUAL ORGANIZING services since 2010. Some of our clients are remote or prefer no one to be in their home. With today’s modern technology, you can still have access to our Liberators. The Major Organizers team is here to support you and stay connected to you as needed. If you are interested in working with us virtually, you can call 1-888-549-8854 to set up a session or fill out this form.

We have waived our 4-hour minimum and are offering "POWER HOURS" for $48/hour as introductory price to encourage you to see the power of having us guide you. Outside perspective is key to conquering clutter and chaos. We can use photos and phone calls only, or video chat to accomplish your goals.


  • Did you know that getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% of housework in the average home? (National Association of Soap and Detergent)
  • Even when you have all the time in the world, millions of people will not use the time to organize their home. Why? There are many reasons why: depressed and overwhelmed; don't know where to start; no support from other members of your household, etc...
  • One way to approach clearing and organizing your home is to declare out loud: "I am so blessed that I GET to clear this clutter, Lord give me Strength to get started."
  • Clearing and organizing your home is different that cleaning it. Cleaning is a very physical task that sometimes feels mindless. However, clearing and organizing require your mind and body to be running on all cylinders. Going through a box of papers feels more draining than cleaning your bathroom because one box of papers can equal hundreds of decisions: Keep, File, Shred.....etc. It is also why you feel crazy hungry after organizing. Your mind was burning calories galore!