The Major Mom Method of Organizing

The Major Mom Method of organizing is a three-phased approach to organizing your stuff, your papers, your data, and your time. Each client is treated as an individual with unique needs, values, and goals. Our solutions are customized, achievable, and sustainable; that means you will be able to maintain your organized space long after we've left your home!

Each of our Liberators attended the Major Mom Academy to learn and embrace this methodology. It is our secret weapon to getting organized.


A person without a vision usually makes many mistakes along the organizing journey. We help you visualize how the space or room would best serve your current and future needs. We get a good picture of what currently works well, what does not work well, and why. Once we understand your vision, we can proceed to the next step.


We create a space plan and an action plan. A space plan helps distinguish zones within a room and gets the big items in place first. An action plan details what areas / rooms will be tackled, and in what order In addition, it outlines each person's role, when everyone will do their tasks, and what supplies will be needed.


It is time to act! We follow these steps in order.

S – SORT Into Categories (This is where we place like items together), T – TREASURE What Counts (All steps are important, but this is where crucial decisions are made... you determine what stays and what goes), E – ESTABLISH Homes and Systems (Now that we know what remains, we need to decide where things will live & the flow of those items), P – PLAN Your Container Strategy (It's time for the part you've been waiting for... selecting and utilizing the appropriate containers), S – START New Habits (You won't enjoy your organized space if it doesn't remain organized, so it's time to implement your new systems).

Would you like to SPRING TOWARD AN ORGANIZED HOME? The Major Organizers Liberators can get the job done in hours instead of weeks or months! Check out our service packages on our website. You may not need help, but you may want to buy the gift of peace for a friend or family member. Bless them with our organizing services.


  • Purchasing organizing solutions is almost the last step in the organizing process. Depending on preference, we can create solutions that are "Pinterest perfect" or simply functional. You'd be amazed how many containers are already lying around your home; we will use and repurpose everything we can, but will not know what's needed until we begin the Major Mom Method.
  • We shop for our clients to ensure we have the proper size bins and storage solutions. One time, a client was so excited to get his family and home organized that he purchased an abundance of supplies (More than we would ever need), so we had a lot to choose from, which was like Christmas for an organizer! Unfortunately, though, most of it was the wrong size, so we took it all back for him and got the right stuff.