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Highlands Ranch, CO

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Locally Owned & Operated by Brent & Darcy Robertson. Serving Highlands Ranch Since December 2008.

This amazing team of home organizing experts love helping clients get organized. A few of their favorite thing to organize are garages, basements, papers, kitchens and closets. This team can come in and unpack all your moving boxes in a matter of days. Some members of this team have a great eye for design and they have helped clients get top dollar for their home by decluttering it and organizing it before the home goes on the market.


"Wonderful experience."

Wonderful experience. We loved our organizing team. They made the whole experience comfortable and fantastic. The transformation was wonderful.

  • Pamela B
  • Highlands Ranch, CO

"Very helpful and kind,"

Very helpful and kind, makes you feel good about getting things accomplished. Very organized and experienced.

  • Tanja
  • Highlands Ranch, CO

"Dylann and Nancy were amazing!"

Dylann and Nancy were amazing! We were moving and their help relieved so much stress for us! Thank you again!

  • Kelly W.
  • Highlands Ranch, CO

"Excellent service!!!"

Excellent service!!! Four stars General! Promoted from Major! Very good organizational skills. Able to kindly and gently suggest items to save, donate, or discard.

  • Linda W.
  • Highlands Ranch, CO R.N.

"Debbie, my organizer, is AMAZING!!"

Debbie, my organizer, is AMAZING!! My kitchen and garage look so great! Debbie arrived, pulled everything out of the area she was organizing, wiped down the area, (while I continued working at my day job in my office), she put like items together in a meaningful way and THEN called me to come and identify what to keep, donate and throw away. Then I went back to my office to work and Debbie put everything back in a beautifully organized way and hauled off all of the items to donate or pitch. Nothing feels so great, makes me so happy and peaceful as to have my home totally organized and de-cluttered. 🙂

  • Laura A.
  • Highlands Ranch, CO

"This was the first step"

This was the first step in long process of getting this house organized. The office is soooo much better! Can’t wait to attack the other areas of house with Major Mom’s help.

  • Leslie
  • Highlands Ranch, CO. Business Owner

"I love my garage now!"

I love my garage now! I never thought that I could have such an organized garage! The employees are really professional and know how to help break down the big problem into manageable pieces.

  • Heidi
  • Highlands Ranch, CO. At Home Mom

"Linda Sovich was phenomenal!!"

Linda Sovich was phenomenal!!! All of her skills – organizational, people, accurateness, speed of work, etc are truly exceptional!!!!! I will certainly recommend her to anyone in the future.

  • Kathryn
  • Highlands Ranch, CO

"IThe Major Mom liberators are regular moms"

The Major Mom liberators are regular moms like me who know how to work hard and get a project completed in record time. They are fun, personable, intelligent, and hard working. I love the way they keep me on task. My husband is also very impressed with how quickly I get things done when I have a liberator by my side. Thanks to Major Mom, our home downsizing has been a much smoother, more organized transition than had I tried it on my own. I continue to call them as new projects come up: Organizing the basement, the garage, you name it!

  • Penny Myers
  • Highlands Ranch, CO. Mother of three teenagers, health and personal training business

"After 3 1/2 years of all my things"

After 3 1/2 years of all my things being in a 10′ X 26′ storage space, I was finally ready to move into an apartment. I called in Major Mom to help me go through my things while still in storage so I could lighten my load, organize before moving, and have a garage sale. Then, the day after I moved into my apartment, Wendy from Major Mom helped me again with unpacking. All of this was tremendous help! I have company staying with me in 1 week. I definitely needed help getting things put together as soon as possible, and Wendy from Major Mom did that for me. Thanks again Wendy! Your so patient, kind and helpful. I appreciate you!

  • Loi R.
  • Highlands Ranch Interior Designer

"Wendy the Wonderful."

Wendy the Wonderful. Her kindness, professionalism and skills in organization were a gift! I loved how she gently stopped me to stay on task when my ADD kicked in! She helped me with visual tools for filing, for my android phone and my email. I was most impressed with her skills in setting up a system so I can be more productive! Thank you!

  • Beth Frederick
  • Highlands Ranch, CO

"Angela was referred to me by a dear friend."

Angela was referred to me by a dear friend. When I called Angela, I thought she was going to help me organize my office files. What I quickly realized was Angela’s keen sense of creating balance within my entire town home. She helped me see how my office was a total energy drain and hurting my business. Angela suggested I move my office to a different room. Ever since we made the change, my creativity in my life coaching business and writing has been soaring. Angela is a master at organizing “energy drains of stuff” into a environment that allows you to feel supported so you can really enjoy living and working in your space! I highly recommend you work with Angela so you can start enjoying your space and be more productive today.

  • Candace French
  • Founder and President, Center for Intentional Living Highlands Ranch, CO

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