1. Vacation Smarter—and Happier—by Getting Organized

    Heading somewhere? For families across the country, summer is synonymous with vacation. Vacation, though, is not always synonymous with relaxation. Wrong turns, cranky kids and hauling overstuffed luggage around can chip away at the fun. There’s good news, though. By taking the time and effort to plan your vacation on the front end, you can ensure that you and your family have maximum enjoyment …Read More

  2. Questions to Ask Yourself When Organizing

    In our previous article, we reviewed the second step of our organization method. In the “Treasures” step, you’ll go through your belongings to determine what stays and what goes. If you would like assistance with home organization or have questions about our methods, contact Major Organizers at 1-888-549-8854! We have professional organizers in several locations throughout the United States …Read More

  3. Summer: A Great Time to Get Organized

    Summer is here! For many of us, this is a time to sit back, relax and enjoy a break with our kids. Although it’s tempting to laze away the warm days, summer also offers a perfect opportunity to tackle clutter and get prepared for the school year ahead. Taking time over the summer to create systems for organizing paper, homework, communication and schedules can help you end one school year—and …Read More

  4. Meet Your Liberator: Leisa Jolstad

    Liberator Leisa Jolstad ran a classroom for two decades, and now she’s educating others on how to get organized. What attracted you to organizing? My background is teaching. I've been a teacher for 20 years, teaching every age from pre-K through high school special education. I have been organized and have enjoyed organizing everything and everyone my whole life. What is your favorite organizing…Read More

  5. Home Organization Made Easy with S.T.E.P.S.

    Nothing can be as challenging, overwhelming, and frustrating than trying to organize your own home. For some, this ability comes naturally. For others, the task can seem impossible without the assistance of a professional home organization service like Major Organizers. We have been providing professional organizing help for more than 10 years, and our method has proven successful for many people …Read More

  6. Go Virtual with Major Organizers!

    From calendar reminders to business meetings, it seems like almost any task can be completed virtually or remotely with the endless amounts of technology available to us today. There are many things that can be accomplished remotely with the assistance of a cell phone or webcam, and it may surprise some folks to learn that a home-organization project can be completed virtually as well! A few month…Read More

  7. 3 Common Causes of Bathroom Clutter

    Aside from the bedroom and kitchen, the other most commonly used room in a home is the bathroom. It’s likely that you begin and end your day in your bathroom, and whether you have a full five-piece bathroom or a small half-bath, disorganization and clutter can put a kink in your routine. At Major Organizers, we provide organization services for any home and space, sometimes even virtually! Wheth…Read More


    The newly revised and expanded workbook “Organizing Your Weight Loss: Your Jumpstart to Getting on Track” is now available through the Major Organizers Organizing Store or on Amazon. This workbook, Volume 4 of our “Jumpstart” series, thoughtfully applies the principles of organizing to areas most impacted by any weight loss journey - your kitchen, closet, activity and time. In this excerp…Read More

  9. Meet Your Liberator: Sarah Hoxworth

    Liberator Sarah Hoxworth used to organize events. Now she organizes people’s homes. What attracted you to organizing? Previously, I did event planning, marketing and donor relations for a nonprofit company.  However, most of my "work" experience has been in "motherhood."  I am a very naturally organized person, and found myself organizing all the time.  Making it my career was a natural jump;…Read More

  10. SPOTLIGHT ON COLUMBUS, OHIO: The First Major Organizers Franchise Location

    Last October, Major Organizers opened its first franchise in Columbus, Ohio, under the direction of Melanie Woods. This month, we celebrate Melanie’s 6 month anniversary and shine a spotlight on this Ohio native and her passion for organizing. Meet Melanie Woods and the Major Organizers Columbus Team Melanie, a Central Ohio native, has been organized all her life: "We grew up in an organized hou…Read More