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Indianapolis Metropolitan Area

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Locally Owned & Operated by Air Force Veteran known as Major Mom

The founder of Major Organizers, Angela, just moved home to Indiana after serving in the US Air Force for over 14 years. She is a graduate of Indiana University and is so glad to be back home among the friendly Hoosiers of the Heartland. She is ready to start restoring order to households across the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area with her team of Liberators. She and her team specialize in relocations–unpacking boxes and putting everything away; they also seem to have mastered organizing garages, basements and kitchens. Angela loved playing office manager as a little girl; she was part of the Office Education Association at Bloomington High School South; she developed superhero like skills when it comes to organizing papers and small businesses. She loves organizing gobs of papers. She has logged 37 moves in her first 50 years of life and she plans on making Indiana her forever home. All those moves have made her a bit of an expert in unpacking a home and getting everyone settled in and organized in days versus weeks or months. You will love working with her and her team. She has offered virtual organizing services since 2010 and has many success stories working with clients remotely. She makes organizing fun, she gets the job done and she doesn’t judge anyone!


"I hired Major Organizers ..."

I hired Major Organizers when I moved into my new condo. I’d learned that a great organization system endures, so decided it was worth the investment to have them organize my kitchen and first floor. I have a LOT of kitchen stuff. In fact, I have a lot of stuff, period.

Major Organizers were, well, majorly organized. They got back to me promptly when I asked when they were available, we scheduled a date(s) and they came when they said they would. Once they arrived, they were efficient and business-like. They worked independently unless they had questions (just a few), and I just stayed out of their way! Before I knew it, I had an entire baker’s cabinet, the cookbooks were organized, pots and pans all had a place, and the space was used efficiently. What a relief!

I’ve had them back several times as more boxes have arrived (I moved from LA to Indianapolis) and every space has been a pleasure to work in after they finished. I can find everything and I know where everything should be put away. The organization scheme made sense, and the things I use most often are at easiest reach.They were a great value for the money, and I’ve also got peace of mind. I didn’t have to go crazy trying to shoehorn all kinds of possessions into random places.Highly Recommended!

  • Diana Mercer
  • Indianapolis, IN

"This Thanksgiving..."

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for Angela’s compassionate and professional step-by-step help organizing my desk and home. This was done through virtual organizing. My husband is happy with the changes. I have gone from life overwhelming me to overwhelming gratitude for life. When people ask me what am I going to do with too much stuff, I say “I am calling Angela.”

Thank you for working with me. You were very gracious at challenging me to more forward without telling me what or how to do so.

I am also delighted to say that I was working on my Dad’s mementos and found some old photos and program from his younger days. I also found a treasured picture I had completely forgotten about. Even more precious now that only one grandparent remains.

As a side note, a friend walked through the house. She commented on how big it seemed and she liked it. It wasn’t prepped or anything. It was a last minute oh by the way dear can you make the bed because I’m bringing someone over to see the house. We have not even listed it for sale. Thank you Angela for saving us all that money we thought we had to spend to sell the house.

  • Melba G
  • Virtual Client

"Great organization..."

Great organization lead by a great person. Serves clients and the military with equal love and care.

  • George Lewman
  • Orlando, FL

"My sister moved..."

My sister moved into a new house and went into labor on the same day! Hiring Major Organizers really helped get her home in order. Will definitely hire again! Great experience!

  • Vanessa R.
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Family Move

"Angela did a terrific job..."

Angela did a terrific job for us organizing and setting up systems that will work in the house and in the garage. She was friendly but very professional and willing to go the extra mile. I give her A+!

  • Deborah K.
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Busy Mom

"Angela has great energy..."

Angela has great energy with helping to organize my garage. She told me exactly what to buy which was helpful. I was pleased with the final result.

  • Yolanda J.
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Work from home Mom with littles

"Angela and her team..."

Angela and her team made a difficult large move so much easier to manage I cannot imagine making another move without her skills and support. Her post move organization has made our home comfortable and functional. I highly recommend for their work quality, professionalism, and value.

  • Gloria M
  • Indianapolis IN
  • Busy career woman

"I hired Major Organizers..."

I hired Major Organizers to help my busy mom of three daughter with the organization of her home and homeschool space to help make life a little easier for her – best decision ever and my daughter considers it one of the best gifts ever!! Mess is stress and the results were amazing!

  • Jennifer M.
  • Generous mom & grandma
  • Noblesville IN

"Angela met my needs..."

Angela met my needs and expectations and had many helpful recommendations that I would have never thought of myself. She set Up systems that I can easily follow.

  • Molly S.
  • Relocation – Declutter and downsize possessions; Space Plan new place
  • Indianapolis IN

"Major Mom Angela & Brooke..."

Major Mom Angela & Brooke have been amazing! She is truly passionate about her work and great to work with. I will always highly recommend her! If you’re on the fence because of money…trust me, its worth it to reclaim your space and as she says to be liberated. I love her communication and follow up. She was sensitive to the emotional attachment of certain things. Handling it and me with great care. I can’t say enough good things about Major Organizers! I’m thankful I chose her and you’ll be too!!!

  • Bre E.
  • Busy Mom – Declutter, Repurpose Rooms
  • Indianapolis IN

"Angela is incredibly professional..."

Angela is incredibly professional and efficient. She explained the process to me ahead of time and kept me focused and motivated by outlining my goals for organizing and reducing my stuff before a move. She also got me excited to donate things to a really cool cause, which helped me to get rid of more.

  • Jacqueline B.
  • Declutter and downsize possessions before relocation
  • Indianapolis IN

"I honestly wish there were more stars!..."

I honestly wish there were more stars! Working with Angela has been by far the best investment in a professional service that I’ve ever made. I hired Major Organizers because I had a daunting, large, (even paralyzing), amount of papers/issues that I needed to get organized. Not only did she do an amazing job at creating a system and organizing everything, she did it in a very thorough, and encouraging way. She is awesome at determining what needs to be done and implementing a plan to make sure that things are accomplished decently, and in order. And, her enthusiastic spirit is contagious and very motivating! Basically, you will not be sorry that you retain her services. Because of Angela, a huge load has been lifted and I can breathe more easily than I have in years, and I have now utilized her services several times. ‘Worth every penny! Finally, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she was selected to appear on the TV show, “Shark Tank.” After working with her and witnessing her work ethic and the difference she made for me, I see why. Thanks so much, “Major Mom”!

  • J.J.
  • Estate paperwork and set up office space
  • Anderson IN

"I hired Angela to unpack and organize..."

I hired Angela to unpack and organize. I had no plan or vison for this project. Angela guided me and we came up with a plan perfect for me. I was so comfortable and I trusted her. I am very happy with her work. Angela and her team get the work done well, clean and fast. I will be hitting Major Mom for any and all projects. Thank you Angela.

  • J. A.
  • Busy student
  • Carmel IN

"Angela is a blessing..."

Angela is a blessing. She is hard working and extremely professional. I could hardly believe someone could help me get through the amount of clothes and papers I had collected that need to be thrown out. Angela and her team are worth every penny. I am so happy that I found Major Organizers.

  • Hope B.
  • Declutter and downsize possessions
  • Carmel IN

"Major Organizers were very professional..."

Major Organizers were very professional, organizing your home is very personal and they made it a great experience. We worked together on ideas and they listened to my needs and tailored the recommendations to my needs. I will use them again if I have an organizing need!

  • Regina W.
  • Downsizing for Retirement
  • Indianapolis IN

"One day, I was sent ..."

One day, I was sent email notification from Woman Veterans Alliance letting me know about a military officer having her own business to help others organize things in their home assisting us while being homebound and this is a good opportunity to do this when businesses are shut down during this crisis. Her name is Angela Cody-Rouget. She was a military officer. After watching her webinar one day, I was motivated to clean out my small coat closet. So now I have to work my way to one room at a time to clear and clean out things. So I made an appointment one day on the phone with Angela; and after our conversation, as promised, she sent me my action plan and rules that I can work with. We needed someone like her to get us motivated and the help on how to organize better so we can live comfortably and happier in our own home. Thank you, Angela.

  • Retired Veteran
  • Virtual Organizing Client

"Major Mom knows her stuff..."

Major Mom knows her stuff. I can’t believe how much I learned within a short period of time. I try my best to keep things organized and clutter free but some areas of my home are challenging to keep it that way. So when I heard about Angela/Major Mom Home Organization through the Women’s Veteran’s Alliance webinar, I signed up. I was so excited to get started and get right on it with the challenging areas of my home to organize and got it done. My husband asked, do we have a new house? Angela is amazing. She served our country and am grateful to have met her. Thank you so much!

  • Jennifer C., U.S. Army Veteran
  • Virtual Organizing Client

"Major Mom marched in..."

Major Mom marched in my bedroom and assisted moving a large armoire a few feet and removed a large antique radio out of the bedroom into a guest room. She reorganized my grandkids’ playroom and our guest room closet. The results are incredible! Both rooms instantly were transformed into lovely rooms. Angela is a professional, quick thinking, and knows how to make the most of time, energy, and space.

  • Cindy G.
  • Repeat Client, Indiana and Arizona

"Major Mom comes up..."

Major Mom comes up with the best ideas!

  • Dennis G.
  • Repeat Client. Denver, Arizona and Indiana

"I like working with Angela..."

I like working with Angela and her team because they are good with kids.

  • N.R.
  • Fishers

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