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Melanie Was Truly Amazing

My husband and I were downsizing from a very large home to a much smaller one. Everything that didn’t fit into the smaller house ended up in the garage.  After several months of trying to make ways to empty the many boxes and make space, I just couldn’t motivate myself to even go into the garage. Calling Melanie with Major Organizers was the best thing I have done in years. She came out and c…Read More

Monika, Ohio

Benefited so much

You girls were great! We really benefited from having someone help us set up the best environment for us to be successful and have another eye on our house! Thanks so much!…Read More

Chase F. Gilbert, AZ

Fast, thorough, & flexible

I couldn't believe how FAST, thorough, and flexible these ladies are with doing the job! They are soon good that I bought another big package!…Read More

Relieved Overworked Mom, Colorado

Fell back in love with our house

We fell back in love with our house. We solved our problems and improved areas of the house we never considered.…Read More

Marci M. Arvada, CO

Great to work with

Jessica was absolutely wonderful. She was great to work with and with her help and love of organizing, we set up my kitchen perfectly. She made suggestions of where something could go, if I liked the idea we did it. If it didn't work with my lifestyle, she thought of another solution. Thanks so much!!…Read More

Amber H. Aurora, CO

Such a difference in living

I've been liberated! Has made such a difference in the way we live. Absolutely worthwhile and life changing! Makes cleaning so much easier. Everything has a home. Sarah was awesome to work with and kept me motivated from start to finish!…Read More

Theresa S. Littleton, CO

Money well spent

My office was a jumbled mess! Cathy arrived to save the day. She not only helped me organize the space but she helped teach me how to use the space, what to keep, what to shred or toss, and when. She was inspiring with her disciplined approach to helping me solve my problem. Money well spent!…Read More

Cindy J. Colorado Springs

Glad I hired Major Organizers

I craft and sewing room was so overwhelming I could not face it! I was a little stressed during the first day, but so thrilled and excited to be able to have my work space back and to be able to find things again! So glad I did something for myself and hired Major Organizers!…Read More

PM Racz, Glendale, CO

Truly transformed

My basement, garage and all my closets were organized and truly transformed. I am so grateful for a completely organized and simplified home. It is something I would never have accomplished on my own.…Read More

Very Satisfied Client, Colorado

Gave great suggestions!

Kara Gonzalez was excellent! She was on time, helpful, and gave great suggestions. She organized my house perfectly.…Read More

Eileen B. Littleton, CO

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