Professional Organizer (aka Certified LiberatorTM)

Earning Potential

$20/hour – $175/hour based on what region you live in and how good you actually become at serving others while in their homes. You are more valuable to a company hiring professional organizers if you have invested in training yourself.


Many organizers start part-time (15-20 hours/week) and then go full-time (30-40 hours/week ). Some clients are professionals that work Monday-Friday which means you may have to work some evenings or weekends. You create and manage your own schedule. This career is perfect for people who do not have the pressure of being the breadwinner, but do need to bring in income to increase the quality of life for their families. You can switch between part-time and full-time as needed. We have designed three career tracks to allow you to weave your career in to your life without sacrificing your family or personal goals.

Target Market

We do not train you how to become a maid service and we do not train you to work with Level 4 and 5 Hoarders (see Hoarding Scale as published by the Institute for Challenging Disorganization). After completing the Major Mom Academy, you will evaluate a client’s current organizing challenge and develop a plan that honors the clients’ vision, timeline, budget and personality. You will be able to organize any room or space in a residential home, including home offices. You will treat each client as an individual with unique needs, values and goals. You will have the opportunity to be an employee for a company near you or an independent contractor. We select the Distinguished Grads only to be listed on our site. There are various marketing and networking activities that work for introverts or extroverts. These marketing activities will help generate qualified leads for you and your team. You will perform sales activities, such as, having new clients sign a service agreement and collecting payment.

Key Responsibilities and Duties

  • Organize various rooms and spaces in residential homes and home offices
  • Travel to client’s home to do on-site organizing
  • Shop for organizing supplies and solutions for clients
  • Network and market to help find people that need our services
  • Generate leads and close clients during the sales process
  • Teach classes, workshops, and in-home parties
  • Maintain a client file system in your home office
  • Coordinate appointments and control your own schedule
  • Attend monthly organizer meetings and annual organizing summits
  • Maintain personal supplies and equipment required in your organizing tool tote
  • Have access to internet, computer, printer, scan/fax app in order to properly maintain communications with the team and clients
  • Must have a cell phone with voicemail so clients can reach you in a timely manner
  • Be in proper uniform while organizing
  • Respond to team and client inquiries within 24 hours
  • Follow the Major Mom Method of organizing systems and processes

Work Skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to stay focused
  • Ability to coach, teach and guide a client
  • Space Planning
  • Open-minded and non-judgmental
  • Good listener
  • Good phone etiquette
  • Ability to follow directions and meet deadlines
  • Work well with different types of personalities
  • Self-starter
  • Fun
  • Sales and networking skills
  • Ability to adapt and overcome (be flexible)
  • Good follower in team environments
  • Great time management skills

Education Required

We require that our students have earned a high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree or a Certification of any type in any field of study. We desire a BA or BS in any field.

Technology Requirements

Computer with Access to Internet, Email, Smartphone with Voicemail, Camera and PDF Scan App, Label Maker

Physical Demands

Can lift 50 pounds, climb stairs, use a step stool or small ladder. Organizing requires mental and physical stamina. Working in many different homes requires the ability to tolerate typical household odors that derive from pets, dust, smoke or fragrances. (We do not work with in excessively dirty or unsafe homes.)

Work Environment

Many organizing jobs will be performed in a professional team environment with normal noise levels and interesting distractions. You will also “fly solo” and organize one-on-one with the client and their family. Some jobs go according to plan and some require you to be flexible, adapt and overcome to achieve results for the client.

Have Questions?

If you have questions about theĀ  Major Mom Academy please feel free to email our Chief of Admissions, Nicole Anderson:

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