Locally Owned & Operated by RE-Organize, LLC as an authorized franchisee of Major Organizers.

After years of family and friends telling her she should become a professional organizer, Melissa found Major Organizers and knew it could make her dream a reality. As a former Director of Human Resources and mom to 3 active kiddos, she knows and appreciates how being well organized saves time and brings peace of mind. Melissa’s husband is a Navy vet and she feels proud to be a part of a veteran owned company. When she’s not helping others get organized, Melissa loves to watch her son play baseball, hangout with her family and DIY. Melissa feels truly blessed to be a part of the Major Organizers franchise team!

Jessica was the first Liberator to join Melissa when she started Major Organizers in San  Antonio. Jessica has a passion for helping others and a heart for families. She was a nanny for numerous years before becoming a Liberator with Major Organizers. She is an avid runner and enjoys watching her children compete in track meets, baseball games and dance recitals. Jessica and her husband have 3 children and one feisty puppy.

Julie is so excited to be apart of Melissa’s Major Organizers team! She searched high and low for a job that allowed me to help others. She had no idea that her love for being organized would be able to be used to help others. When she’s not organizing with the team, she helps to lead worship services at her church! Another love is ballroom dancing! She takes lessons and makes sure she’s dancing away the night at least every week.
Jenny spent years trying to tame the chaos of 3 young kids and a busy family life.  She worked to learn processes and create spaces that worked for her family and brought peace to their home life.  She now has a passion to walk along side others to help them find this same freedom.  Jenny spent her time before Major Organizers in the social work and counseling field.  She enjoys spending time reading, camping, serving alongside her husband in ministry and playing with her kids.
Gina is originally from Cleveland, OH but has lived in San Antonio for the last ten years. She was a special needs teacher for nine years. She has since developed a passion for helping others find peace in organizing their homes and lives and has transitioned into that. Gina lives with her husband, daughters, and German Shepherd pup.


“These ladies are the best, my garage was my biggest headache, they were fast and so professional, it was a good investment, thanks ladies!”

Rosemarie M.

“All I can say is WOW!!! Melissa and her team were extremely professional, fast, and efficient in the task. Not only does Major Organizers help you declutter, but they also help you to put a system into place. They help you work through your clutter by asking key/specific questions on whether or not it’s truly worth you keeping.
I’m still in disbelief of how my place looks and most importantly feels. I told Melissa I stood in front my door staring at my apt feeling so happy and at peace that finally I felt like I was able to move forward with my life along with peace of mind and clarity. There is no amount of money I can place on how I felt after Major organizers left my home that day. Thank you again for everything, I would recommend them to anyone needing help in getting rid of clutter, and getting your life back in order.”

Andrea C.

Amazing Ladies in TX!! They came to help me declutter and get my home ready for a new year! I highly recommend them. The understanding and empathy they have is tremendous. They know their stuff and are in and out in a flash. Pricing is affordable and i had a HUGE mess to tame.

Addie L.

Jessica and the team exceeded all expectations. Very professional and they worked their tails off. The end product gave my son and me a home office that we are proud of. I will use them again as other projects come up.

Donna B.

Major Organizers is an amazing service! Affordable, and the ladies who worked for me were wonderful! Empathetic and patient with me and made something I’d been dreading less stressful. I had several rooms needing to be decluttered and they did a great job in a reasonable amount of time and as I said before at an affordable price. I will use again and recommend them highly.

Addie L.

Wonderful job on our garage and shed! Helped me get rid of items we didn’t need. Hiring again! This customer rated you highly for professionalism, responsiveness, and punctuality.

Michelle B.

I’m extremely grateful to Jessica and her team! They gave my kitchen and pantry an overhaul and did an amazing job! My kitchen/pantry is organized and functional! They really made my experience stress free! Jessica and her team are professional, caring and non-judgmental. I cannot recommend them enough!

Julie G.

They made the job easy and quick, and they were very enthusiastic and nonjudgmental throughout the process. Now I feel so much better with a workable open space. I’ll definitely recommend them to anyone who needs help reorganizing their home.


I love Pinterest to get inspiration for cooking, organizing etc, but starting organizing at least for me it’s challenging, so I Google some help and found this company, called and had a great experience. I highly recommend Melissa and her team.

Adriana Flores

I was so happy with Melissa and Joan, they came in made me feel so comfortable and helped me with my closet! I love to shop so had no organization with my stuff and the space I had for it! But they came in and provided the service for me and I thank them so much for it! I am able to find things I forgot I had! Thank you very much Melissa and Joan!!

Tiffany A.

My garage storage closet was a mess. It is a small space with 3 bikes, extra roof tiles, paint cans, power tools, lawn tools and lumber scraps. In 5.5 hours, Melissa sorted and rejiggered the overflowing closet chaos into an orderly workspace. It seems like she wrangled 100,000 different things like nails, spray paint cans, socket wrenches, flippers, and zip ties into understandable categories. I like going out there now. There is even a clear table surface for me to pile things on again! I can’t wait to see what else Major Organizers can do.

Stephanie E., Architect

I cannot say enough about Major Organizers. Melissa and her liberators, Joan and Jessica, came in to help me create a functional kitchen and ended up doing so much more! ( I also had the pleasure of working with Angela, the original and founding Major Mom!) We reviewed the kitchen, discussed y pain points and then they asked to look at other areas downstairs. Why? Because the wheels were turning on ways to create a better overall system for me and my family.

These ladies quickly came up with what the called a “space plan”. Post it notes were places everywhere to show me the version. After a few tweaks at my request, the work began. We sorted…keep, donate, etc..

My kitchen cabinets and pantries (one small, one larger) became organized and functional. Much of what had been crammed and piled into those spaces found new (organized) homes in other rooms. Jessica set the pantries up in a way I could never have thought of on my own, yet it makes SO much more sense. Melissa turned the cabinet over the coffee pot into a “hot beverage”station that we love!

A junk closet under the stairs became the “Costco” closet, mainly for the bulk items, but Melissa also created a dedicated mom/dad “drop space”- a place just for our keys, phones, wallets, mails, etc.. this is a huge help as we always had those things strewn all over the countertops. Now they are out of sight, while still easily accessible.

Joan turned my overrun laundry room into a space so nice I have caught myself hanging out in there 😉

Everything came together beautifully. The keep items were put into place, the post-it notes were replaced with labels, they cleaned up and even hauled away the donate items!

Melissa and her team were professional, timely and fun! They listened to my needs and left me with a functional system that my family can sustain. I will definitely hire  Major Organizers again.

Tracey C , Working Mom

Professional and points you in the right direction to achieve results.

Latif Tariq, Army Dad

I loved my experience, I was in denial about moving so I was living out of my bags for about a month and just couldn’t bring my self to unpack Marche with Major organizers helped me organize and see things with an clear and open mind.

Coreen Quammie, Army Mom