I can’t thank Major Organizers enough…

I can’t thank Major Organizers enough for their work. I relocated here for a job and I chose to pay for movers to unpack my boxes, which was a terrible choice! I was recovering from a serious illness, and so busy with work I didn’t have any time or energy to put all my belongings away.  My apartment was completely unlivable and I was so stressed out.  When a friend suggested I hire professional organizers to help, I had a light bulb moment. I did some online research and Major Organizers had great reviews, as well as seeming very kind and professional. When Kara and Janet came for my first session, I almost burst into tears because I was so grateful to have  help. But it wasn’t just any help. Kara and Janet were so kind and compassionate, incredibly efficient and extremely hard-working. They got my apartment to functional in the first session (which was not a small task), and each session after was just as great. In addition, Kara and Janet also had great suggestions for steps I could take on my own between sessions to move the process along at my own pace.

Setting up a home in a new city, with no friends or family to help and an extremely demanding job is so hard. Hiring Major Organizers was the best choice I made for my health and well-being.  I now have a comfy, cozy, extremely livable home.  I definitely recommend them and Major Organizers for any project, large or small.

Jennifer B. Lakewood, CO