‘Twas the day before Christmas and all through the house

Not a creature was stirring except me and my mouse.

As I clicked through my Pinterest page searching in vain

For organizing solutions that wouldn’t drive me insane.

My closets were packed to the gills with my stuff

Which I’d crammed into spaces (it was really quite tough).

But I had to make space for my visiting fam

I couldn’t let them know my clean counters were a sham!

I’d shoved all the laundry under the beds

And I stared at it all, shaking my head.

“How will I do it?” I cried in distress

“I need someone to help me make sense of this mess!”

When from my front door, I heard the bell ring

I sprang from my chair to answer the thing.

There stood women dressed in camos and tees

“Hello!” they said brightly, “May we help you please?”

Their toolkits were stocked, and their smiles so warm

I knew in a flash they were about to change my norm!

With a gleam in their eyes and Post-its in hand

“Don’t delay, let’s get organized!” was the command.

“Sort clothing! Sort paper! Sort boxes of stuff! Keep treasures only

Enough is enough!’

“To create calm from chaos,

We must first make the choice

To keep only what matters,

The rest is just noise.”

“From the depths of the cabinets,

The closets, the hall

We’ll throw away, give away, And organize all!”

A wink of an eye and a twist of a head

Soon let me to know I had nothing to dread.

They were helpful and kind, and gave me the nudge

I needed to start, without feeling judged.

We tackled my projects, one room at a time

And left each one organized – I was feeling just fine!

We containerized and labelled and finally were through

Just as my family’s arrival was due.

All donations were carted away in their cars

To be used by those needing them both near and far.

And I heard them exclaim as they drove into the night

“Holiday peace begins with no clutter in sight!”


    • Toy Overload: The average child gets about 70 toys a year. (Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic)
    • Memories vs Stuff: Happiness does not come through stuff, but through experiences, relationships with friends and family, and service to others. What are you going to do this season to create lasting and meaningful memories?
    • Less Stuff, More Room: This year, as the Major Mom Liberators helped our clients de-clutter and organize, we hauled countless carloads of items from our clients’ homes to donation centers. Do you know what was donated? Among many things, there were numerous items that our clients received as gifts that they never used!

Happy Holidays!