1. Meet Your Liberator: Kathy Stiles

    After 40-plus years keeping offices humming along as an administrative and executive assistant, Kathy Stiles is now putting her organizing superpower to work as a Liberator at Major Organizers. Q: You spent your career working in offices around the country and traveling with your husband to do Christian ministry work. What prompted you to take the plunge and get into professional organizing? A: I…Read More

  2. Meet Your Liberator: Lyndsie Bahre

    Liberator Lyndsie Bahre is something of a renaissance woman. With experience working in human development, nutrition, sales, customer service and in-home daycare, she’s done it all. One skill has helped her succeed in all these varied areas: her passion for organizing. Today, she’s sharing this talent with others so they can take control of their possessions and live the life they deserve. Q: …Read More

  3. Meet Your Liberator: Truia Meyer

    For years, Liberator Truia Meyer worked in information systems in the corporate world where she used technology to make sense of data and enhance business functions. Today, she’s using her knack for creating order from chaos to help clients create organized, peaceful homes. Q:  Not everyone has the gift of organization, which is why they come to Major Organizers! What would you tell a client ne…Read More

  4. Meet Your Liberator: Ernest Floyd Jr.

    Major Organizers is proud to introduce our newest Liberator, Ernest Floyd Jr. This 28-year-old Montgomery, Alabama native is breaking new ground: He’s Major Organizers first male Liberator! For the past six years, Ernest has been working in human services providing vocational support for the developmentally disabled, veterans and homeless populations. He recently began pursuing a degree in compu…Read More

  5. Meet Your Liberator: Jessica Haney

    During the 20 years Jessica Haney worked as a nanny, she saw the ins and outs of many busy family homes. Now she’s taking the best organizing tips she learned along the way and putting her talent to work as a liberator at Major Organizers. Working with children can be equally rewarding and exhausting. How did you know that professional organizing would be a great career fit for you after two dec…Read More

  6. Meet Your Liberator: Melissa Smith

    What do the retail and hospitality industries have to do with keeping your home in order? A lot, if you’re Melissa Smith. She’s taking skills she honed in the corporate sector and putting them to work to help families keep their stuff—and their lives—in tip-top shape. In your professional life, you’ve had a lot of experience in the corporate world. What inspired you to take a leap into o…Read More

  7. Meet Your Liberator: Stacey Conley

    Many families are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to getting their homes and lives organized. Keeping too many things is overwhelming, but the idea of parting with possessions isn’t any better. Enter Stacey Conley, a geology-loving organizing pro who’s on a mission to help families get liberated from what’s weighing them down. You have a bachelor’s degree in geology. Ho…Read More

  8. Meet Your Liberator: Deanna Beaver

    Deanna Beaver was a busy stay-at-home mom when she decided to go back to work. She knew she had a knack for helping others get their things in order. When she found out about Major Organizers’ mission to help restore order to households without passing judgement, a new career was born. You worked as a seminar coordinator before you became a mom. Was it hard to take the leap and become a professi…Read More

  9. Meet Your Liberator: Suzanne Rippel

    Suzanne Rippel was born to organize. She has a degree in human ecology and family studies, and she worked for years in medical billing. Now, she’s taking her knowledge of people and their environments—along with her expertise in keeping the details in check—and helping families get their homes and lives in order. With such a varied background, how did you become interested in organizing? I h…Read More

  10. Meet Your Liberator: Andrea Limes

    After years of working in just about every role in the restaurant industry, Andrea Limes is following a lifelong passion: organizing. What drew you to professional organizing? I have a background in photography and in all front-of-house positions in the restaurant business, including management. During my training in photography, I must have collected thousands and thousands of pictures and negati…Read More