1. Love Living In Your Home

    Everyone deserves to live in a home they love being in. Not everyone loves organizing and many do not have the skill set to create an orderly home. Our Liberators love organizing because they were born to organize. Every single Liberator was trained by Major Mom herself via the Major Mom Academy. We put the "P" in professional home organizing. Here is a cute poem we wrote about our passion: LIBERA…Read More

  2. What Lurks In Your Basement?

    Cluttered basements are not haunted, but they can be scary to kids and adults--spiders, mice, dust elephants and.....Many of our clients are often scared to go in their basements. When our teams of Liberators organize basements, we often wear gloves, masks, hats and shoe covers. This year has been pretty scary, so now we wear masks all the time. We ask our clients to wear masks too. You may see us…Read More

  3. Spring Clearing vs. Spring Cleaning

    Major Organizers has a set of Seven Core Values: Family, Community, Results, Order, Spirituality, Integrity, Service. This month we are focusing on what order means to us and what it can mean for you and your family. Orderly homes require a continuous clearing process just like cleaning is a continuous process. However, cleaning does not require tough decisions about what to let go of like clearin…Read More

  4. The Major Mom Method of Organizing

    The Major Mom Method of organizing is a three-phased approach to organizing your stuff, your papers, your data, and your time. Each client is treated as an individual with unique needs, values, and goals. Our solutions are customized, achievable, and sustainable; that means you will be able to maintain your organized space long after we've left your home! Each of our Liberators attended the Major …Read More

  5. Twelve Ways to Simplify in 2020

    Many households have organized people living in them, but they do not have time to organize. The British Telegraph reported that the average 10-year old owns 238 toys, but plays with less than 12 daily. Disorganization can cause so much stress and discord in a family when the house feels chaotic and cluttered. Newsweek reported years ago that the average American spends 55 minutes a day looking fo…Read More

  6. Are cluttered basements haunted?

    Cluttered basements are not haunted, but they can be scary to kids and adults. Many of our clients are often scared to go in their basements. When our team of Liberators organize basements, we often wear gloves, masks and hats, but we are not afraid to go in to the basement. You may see us pray before going in, but we are praying blessings over the home. We have some standard prayers we pray that …Read More

  7. 12 Liberating Days of Christmas

    Ah, yes! Is it time for a pre-Christmas discard and donate session? Sing our version out loud--- On the twelfth day of Christmas my Liberators found for me... 12 pairs of scissors, 11 rolls of tape, 10 pounds of papers, 9 cell phone chargers, 8 lids to nothing, 7 buttons to something, 6 open cinnamons, 5 unused gift cards! (sing this one really loud) 4 unopened gadgets, 3 bins of cords, 2 floppy d…Read More

  8. March Toward Simplicity

    We hope you had a Happy International Women's Day! It is so nice that our world truly treasures women. Major Organizers is woman-owned and all our employees are women. Life is more simple when our true treasures are people. However, it is normal and acceptable that some treasures are also experiences, memories, and material things. When we work with our clients, we help them determine what a treas…Read More

  9. Before & After: Making a Widow Feel at Home Again

    We hope you enjoy the latest installation of Major Organizers: Before & After. Our wish is that these real-life images inspire and encourage you to take control of your clutter—no matter what your budget—so you have a functional home you love living in. Before This retired widow lived in the back of her converted restaurant. Once she closed the business and her husband passed, clutter took…Read More

  10. Do’s and Don’ts for Winning at the Holidays

    Welcome to the thick of the holiday season—a time we look forward to and dread in equal measure. Traditions and time with family and friends bring joy, but overloaded schedules and pressures of shopping and hosting can leave us stressed out. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you navigate common holiday stressors and come out on top. Holiday Shopping THE CHALLENGE: You want to shower your…Read More