We hope you had a Happy International Women’s Day! It is so nice that our world truly treasures women. Major Organizers is woman-owned and all our employees are women. Life is more simple when our true treasures are people. However, it is normal and acceptable that some treasures are also experiences, memories, and material things. When we work with our clients, we help them determine what a treasure is; we do not leave them alone with this daunting task. We ask a few non-judgemental questions to help them decide what to keep, donate, sell, recycle, or trash. Here are some of those questions:

What Are Your Treasures?

Do you use it? If yes, when was the last time you used it?

Do you like/love it? If no, is there a reason you are keeping it?

Does it support your current season of life or a season of life that is over?

The answers we receive to these questions are all over the board and sometimes the answers are little white lies like this: “Yes, I use it all the time.” (Note: We are asking about the treadmill that is loaded up with clothes and household items with a layer of dust on them. For some reason, the client believes we cannot see the dust.) For most people, it is not easy to determine treasures from discards. This is why outside perspective is key to getting great results. Organizing your home can be energizing, fun, and liberating. While sorting and treasuring, it is important to stop, ask good questions, and answer the questions truthfully. “Over-purging” is not the name of this organizing game.

As you MARCH TOWARD SIMPLICITY, please make sure to declutter your calendar as well. Say “NO” to people, places, and things more often. Spend more time being than doing.

We work side-by-side with our clients to help them simplify their lives. Many organizing consultants take weeks or months to complete what our teams of Liberators accomplish in a few days. Consultants tell you what to do, but our Liberators help you determine what needs to be done; and then, they do it with you or for you. Helping our clients decide between treasures and discards is why we can accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. We also haul off all the items for our clients that day. It is important to get rid of the discards immediately when possible.

Creating an organized and functional home is not an easy task. It is challenging for the vast majority of people to march toward simplicity.