From calendar reminders to business meetings, it seems like almost any task can be completed virtually or remotely with the endless amounts of technology available to us today. There are many things that can be accomplished remotely with the assistance of a cell phone or webcam, and it may surprise some folks to learn that a home-organization project can be completed virtually as well! A few months back, we had a prior blog article on virtual organizing and whether or not it was right for everyone. If you’re considering virtual organization but still on the fence, we’ve highlighted some of the benefits related to partnering with a remote organization team like Major Organizers! We offer professional virtual organizing services at affordable rates. Check out a few advantages of this service and then give us a call to get your project started!

Ideal for Rural Customers

Major Organizers offers organization services in certain areas of Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Ohio. Depending on where you live in relation to our service areas, there may be travel fees applicable to our services. However, if you live outside of these services areas, you can take advantage of our services through virtual organization! Regardless of whether you’re in the mountains of Wyoming or the beaches of Florida, our friendly and expert team is just a virtual chat away!

Great for Do-It-Yourself Projects

For those who like to complete projects on their own with a little bit of guidance and suggestions, virtual organizing offers a great solution. Once you request your initial consultation and estimate, we will schedule a short video conference with you to discuss your space, your goals, and help determine if virtual organizing services will work for your specific situation. If so, we’ll make specific recommendations with a personalized plan and let you take it from there!

Perfect for Small Organization Projects

It goes without saying that smaller spaces tend to be easier and less time-consuming to declutter and organize. For example, there is a big difference in the effort and time it takes to organize a basement that is filled to the brim versus a small closet or laundry room that needs a bit of decluttering. Smaller rooms and spaces can easily be decluttered and organized with a video chat and a few recommendations.

Makes Follow Up Quick and Convenient

If you’ve taken advantage of our in-person organizing services, you may want a follow-up meeting with our team in order to keep your organizational goals on track. Our virtual services make subsequent follow-up session a piece of cake! Simply walk around with your phone or laptop so we can see your completed work and any areas of concern. Virtual organizing services make a great addition to our excellent in-person services.

If you’ve decided to give our virtual organization services a shot, contact us to get your project underway! We’ll gladly take a look at the size and scope of your desired task to determine if our virtual services are your best route. If virtual organization is right for you, we’re happy to work with you in creating a personalized plan for you to take back your space!

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